Wonderland : Canada’s premier Amusement park

Located in the north of Toronto is the country’s premier Amusement park- WONDERLAND. It is truly meant for all the thrill and adventure seekers who like to live life on the edge. With thrilling roller coaster rides that go sky-high to scare the hell out of you and splashy waterparks, Wonderland is the most exciting place to be! You can travel with your friends, family, and kids too because this place is meant to be an ultimate amusement for the kids. There’s so much you can do to keep yourself entertained and spend an entire day here. With over 200 attractions and 70 thrilling rides, this amusement park is spread over an area of 20 acres so be prepared to walk all day. It is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm.

Here we’ve listed the top things to do at this fantastic park and live an unforgettable day!


The Yukon Striker is a very thrilling roller coaster and is deemed to be the fastest, longest and tallest ride ever!! Reaching up to the skyline, this is going to be the most thrilling experience of your life. It is one of those rides that go zoom to the top and stops at a 90-degree angle to take your breath away. At a distance of 245 feet from the ground, it goes around at a speed of 130 km/hr and gives you an adrenaline rush. it also goes through a water tunnel and splashes water on you. Those with weak hearts should not get on this ride. Also, it is advised to keep your kids away as all the rides have specified the age limits.


Carnival games are for all the age groups from toddlers to adults. You also get to meet your favorite cartoon characters at Wonderland’s carnival. The carnival area is all blingy and vibrant with colorful tents placed at a distance. Every tent showcases a game of its own where you can test your luck. You can pick shooting games, water games and ride camels and horses too. You’ll also spot live shows like small music concerts and magical shows for kids. If you win at a game, there are prizes like huge stuffed toys that definitely lure the kids.

Take the kids to PLANET SNOOPY & KidZville

These two zones have been curated specially for kids. Since they cannot indulge in those scary roller coaster rides, these zones are built just for young children. They can easily spend the entire day here and we bet, they would not want to go back home. Rides like Snoopy vs. Red Baron, bumper cars and small roller coasters are very exciting and perfectly sized for little children. Cartoon characters also roam around greeting the kids. They can also click pictures with the characters. Another highlight is the swan lake for a nice boat ride in the evening.

Get drenched at SPLASH WORKS water park

If you’re not game for roller-coaster rides and are too afraid to ride them, then have your share of fun at the Splash Works waterpark. On a hot summer day, all you would love to do is jump in the cold water and splash water at each other. This is very exciting if you go in a group with your family or friends. There is another area specially made for kids with small water slides to keep them entertained. You can easily spend a good amount of time here in the waterpark. Grab a meal outside and chill by the water park.

EAT the yummiest food

Wonderland offers some of the best delicacies. your kids will love to roam around in the area and grab some really yummy treats. After you have walked around all day, taken rides on roller coasters and drenched in water, it will be the yummiest food to get in your tummy. There are so many varieties of snacks and drinks along with dine-in arrangements. You can try the famous tiny tom’s donuts that offer one of the best donuts with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. At the end of this long day, you can also stop at one of the shops to buy a souvenir to remember your visit to this amazing amusement park.

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