Visit these mysterious places for a freakish experience

The world is full of amazing things, be it some breathtaking places around the world or some mysterious places that are filled with many beliefs and stories. The list is never-ending and every place has different things to offer. Be it a mystery or some unexplained happenings, there are many places that have been discovered with the help of science and history. While there are so many hidden locations and spots in different parts of the country, but there are some that are unexplored and have something very mysterious to them which is beyond science to many of us people. For all those who are into mysterious things, and like to explore and experience those strange things then you would definitely like to go through this list of 5 most mysterious places around the world that will be worth a lifetime experience.

Crooked Forest, Poland

A habitat of more than 400 oddly-shaped pine trees is undoubtedly one of the mysterious places in the world. And it can be attributed to the weird shapes of the tree that garners the attraction. The trunk of the trees are bent over at almost 90 degrees before twisting back again straight and growing vertically into the sky. Well, call it fascinating or mysterious, the actual reason behind the formation of these weirdly shaped trees has still not been found. However, there are some stories behind it, some believe that these trees came into the existence due to the use of new and different plantation techniques while others believe that it was caused due to natural phenomena.

Eternal flame falls, United States

Eternal flame falls are one of the most mysterious things you would ever come across. Located in western New York, eternal flame falls are found concealed in the shale creek which can be reached by walking through the winding trails that criss-cross the chestnut bridge. Here, in this creek, you will find a small flame lit up at the base of the waterfall, which doesn’t ever get extinguished unless put out by force and the reason behind this is found to be the natural gas that this waterfall emits and make the flame stay all year round regardless of the season of the weather.

Magnetic hills in Ladakh, India

Ladakh is one of the most hyped places in India and this place has all the right reasons to be high on the list of top tourist places to visit in India. Whether you are adventure-driven who likes to explore places on their bikes or just an avid traveler who likes to take in the view of the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, Ladakh has everything to offer, including some mysteries as well. As we speak of mystery, there is this place called magnetic hills which is a perfect example of gravitational force. These hills are known to pull the vehicles in its direction and to confirm the same, you can turn your cars off, while on neutral and you will observe that your vehicle is still moving without any efforts at the speed of 20 km/hr. Sounds interesting right?

Door to hell, Turkmenistan

Darvaza gas crater also known as door to hell is another mysterious place to visit across the world. The history behind the existence of this place goes way back to the year 1971 when some engineers were drilling that particular area and a big portion of the ground collapsed forming a cavern. In order to make sure that the natural gas doesn’t escape the ground, they decided to lit the hole on fire which is still burning ever since then. Well now if this is not mysterious then we don’t know what is.

Richat Structure, Mauritania

Made of a particular set of concentric rings, richat structure is something that scientists tried to figure out for years as to how these rings got formed. There are many beliefs and stories related to the formation of this structure, some thought it to be a result of meteorite impact while others believe it to be resulted due to erosion, which is the current theory. However, no conclusive studies have been formed yet.

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