Unmissable attractions in Chicago city

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and carries a lot of significance. Known as the Windy City, this one offers a blend of everything you are looking for. A perfect vacation in Chicago calls for entertainment, learning, fun and frolic, breathtaking views and some really amazing pictures to capture. This place will offer you everything that you want and will become one of your favorite destinations in no time. Also known for its art and culture, amazing architecture and long-stretch gardens, Chicago has a contagious vibe and we give it a thumbs up. Visit these unmissable attractions and dwell in the beauty of this gorgeous destination!


Art Institute of Chicago

One of the most significant sites in Chicago is the Art Institute of Chicago and it is totally worth your visit. If you are fond of art and culture, then this place should be your first pick. With exclusive artwork from renowned artists, this one flaunts more than 3,00,000 pieces of art within its boundary. You will be stunned by the beauty it showcases because it is just so enthralling. This Art Institute of Chicago definitely does justice to the phrase ‘pleasure to the eyes.’ Artwork from different genres and periods in the form of paintings, candid photography, distinct sculptures as well as textile designing is displayed on the walls and in its huge halls. This Institute is also known for its collection of impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings and that’s why it is a must-visit in Chicago.


Millennium Park

Scattered over an area of 25 acres, this park is a renowned place in Chicago. If you are in Chicago, you must visit this one for a lot of reasons. It is definitely one of the most happening places in Chicago as it hosts a lot of festivals and concerts. If you are looking for fun and frolic time, then this is your place to be. The vast area of Millennium park features a lot of distinct sculptures that are definitely the best attractions in the city. You can click pictures with the famous Cloud gate as well as the Crown fountain. The former is a mirror-like stainless steel surface that reflects the surroundings on its base. The latter shows water flowing from the mouths of fictitious Chicago citizens. Since this is based in Downtown Chicago, everything is nearby so you can visit the city easily.


Navy Pier

This one is the most popular attraction in Chicago and boasts its beauty for an area of 50 acres. This area includes everything you wish to see. An amusement park in the backdrop with shopping stalls, food corners, lush gardens, concerts, and festivals- Navy Pier has something for everyone. The views are amazing because you will spot a giant Ferris wheel in the backdrop which is one of the main attractions here. This one is basically a complete entertainment package and we give it a thumbs up for such a contagious vibe. You can make your way to the amusement park or grab some local bites from the cafes. You can also enjoy the subtle music going on in the backdrop or watch a play in the nearby stage area. Basically, you can call it a day at this place!


Buckingham Fountain

Visiting Chicago and not seeing this one? Well, you definitely cannot afford to miss this beauty. Blessing Chicago with its aura since 1927, this Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest in the world. The architecture of this fountain is so amazing that you would love to gaze at this beauty in awe. This is the central focus of the Grant park and shoots gallons of water from 200 nozzles from dusk to dawn. One of the unique features of this fountain is that it is surrounded by four seahorses that represent Lake Michigan’s four bordering states. This is such an impressive sight in the day as well as night. In the evening time, this flow of water is accompanied by lights. The vibe is contagious and the view is absolutely spectacular. Do not miss out on this one at any cost.


Field Museum of Natural History

Founded in 1893, this museum is one of the best ones in Chicago. It showcases diverse periods in the best possible way which you must not miss. The collection of this museum is truly breathtaking with some life-sized sculptures as well. With approximately 20 million artifacts and sculptures inspired by botany, zoology, and anthropology, you will love to walk around and have a glimpse of everything here. Other major work includes imperative notes from Egypt and the culture of America. Apart from all these, one of the main attractions in this museum is the ‘Sue.’ Sue is the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and is placed right in the center of the museum. If you visit this one, it is sure to grab you by the heart. One-shot for your entertainment as well as learning, this is an unmissable attraction.

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