Ultimate Food Travel Guide: How to eat like a local?

The major part of traveling to a new destination involves knowing the local traditions, cultures as well as delicacies. This is the best way to know a place better than anyone else. Of course, sightseeing attractions are imperative but grabbing a bite of the local food can also not be ignored. The idea is to eat like the locals with the locals. Now, how can you do this? Well, here are some tips that will help you, Have a look!


Do a lot of Preliminary Research

When we talk about preliminary research, it basically means knowing the gist of everything before actually visiting a particular destination. This is actually a means of self-help because once you know the gist of every place, it becomes easy to explore what you actually want. When it comes to food, different places offer different kinds of cuisines. And if you are fond of trying new eating places, types of flavors, street specialties as well as high-end dining areas, then you should at least be aware of the best ones in the local proximity. Therefore, it is essential to do a lot of research on the type of food available in your nearby location as well as the famous food of every place. Go for a quick google search, read food blogs, read the reviews and make an extensive list of everything you have learned from this research.


Do not trust the reviews blindly

While you are in the process of this food research, you might come across food bloggers as well as journalists and newspaper reviews. These are sometimes trustworthy but we cannot actually rely on them for the whole journey. The thing is that usually such kinds of reviews are biased by personal prejudices and this would simply hamper your outlook. Some might like spicy food and some might love over sweetness in their dessert. This depends on person to person and thus, trusting these reviews blindly and making a choice based on them is just not recommended. If you believe us, the best thing to do is read them all and then pin down all those reviews that might actually be a bit in your favor even if they are not up to the mark. You can trust the localities on this one!


Ask the ‘potential’ locals

The reason why we have mentioned the word ‘potential’ for locals and not just every local is that not everyone can be trusted fully. The thing is that everyone is biased by personal prejudice nowadays but there might be some people who are away from this and thus, will give you the best alternatives and suggestions. So, there are a lot of tactics on how you should get them to tell you the right thing about a place. Don’t be general in your question, be more specific. Simply ask where to try a certain type of food or the kind of atmosphere you are looking for or even your price range. This literally brings down every preliminary research you had done and thus, filters the best possible place. With your research and filters along with a precise suggestion from the locals, you will end up in the aptest restaurant for sure.


Hit the Streets

Do not shy away from hitting the streets whenever you are traveling to a new destination. As the famous quote goes, the best things in life are free, well they might not be free but definitely cheap and affordable. And there is another reason for hitting the streets. Usually, the food prepared by the street vendors has a touch of their personal self and thus, involves the most appropriate taste of that country. Moreover, you will find a lot of options on the streets that are authentic and will match your taste buds. This is also a convenient option because you don’t even have to look for reviews or ask the locals. If you see lines of locals waiting outside a street cart, that is obviously a good sign that this particular food is popular and delicious. Simply grab it and you are done!


Join a food tour

The most professional way to act upon this ‘trying the local food’ thing is to sign up for a food tour. The idea of joining a food tour comes with the need to have the best possible taste of the surrounding areas. A local guide is obviously a trustworthy person to be with and he will make sure that you taste each and every popular cuisine there. This technique is a quick and easy way to familiarise yourself with where the locals usually eat. For signing up food tours, research the internet and you are sure to find a lot of food tours in every destination you are traveling to. Thus, you will be able to try a variety of foods in an effortless way!

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