Traverse Around The Richest Possession Of South America: Peru

Peru is the oasis of beautiful and serene views that are a treat for a lifetime. Peru is packed with so many incredible things to do that each experience would be uniquely special for travelers. Though visitors traverse Peru to capture splendiferous spots of Machu Picchu, but throughout Peru, you can also capture the perfect quintessential of beauty. Strolling around Peru is like rediscovery the living history, with each place exhibiting reminisces of the remarkable vestige of the past that captivates the mind and soul of the world’s traveler.

Though Machu Picchu is among the top-attractions, but Peru is home to some other attractions too that are for sure not a miss! Andes Mountains, Amazon, and miles of Pacific Coastline make Peru the richest country in the world. The vast glaciers, rainforest, barren deserts, unique culture, world-class beaches, rising peaks, Peru has everything to satiate the quench of the world’s travelers. The country has preserved its natural beauty as a treat for the world’s travelers.

Peru is packed with so much beauty that it becomes quite difficult to capture that all in a short itinerary. So, here we have compiled the essence of Peru that visiting these you won’t feel you have missed anything even in such a short span.


World- Famous Machu Picchu

Undoubtedly, Machu Picchu is among the top attractions of travelers around the world and for all the good reasons the place offers. Nestled in the slope of Andes revealing stunning views atop the mountain, embedded with mysterious ruins that reflect the magnificent history of the Inca Empire makes the place a phenomenal beauty to explore.

Crafted in the 15th century, the place offers a divine serenity at this moment. The place is renowned for its glorious dry-stone walls that were built without using mortar, exhibiting the skilfulness of the Incan empire. Machu Picchu is a mystery that surely needs to be cracked. Get ready to soak the incredible historical views with a spice of novelty.


Tour Around The Peruvian Amazon

Peru is home to the most biodiverse populations of flora and fauna. Touring the Amazon Rainforest basin is like exploring the vast colors of nature bestowed to Peru. The place offers a deep dive into the jungle life with the best jungle safaris and within jungle lodges. The Amazon Forest spreads out over nine South American countries and the Peruvian Amazon stretches over more than 60% of the country.

The Peruvian Amazon is home to more than 100 bird species and the world’s largest number of mammalian species. You can spend amazing days amidst the jungle indulging yourself into dozens of activities like bird watching, dolphin cruise, experiencing the local village life, fishing, and night hikes.


Wander Around The Desert Oases Of Huacachina

Huacachina is the most famous desert oases in the world. The Huacachina village is located on the edge of the Ica desert and is only a few minutes away from the town of Ica. The place experiences hoards of visitors around the year. The Huacachina oasis is enclosed by Peru’s largest sand dunes that offer an exquisite experience. There is a list of must-do activities when you visit the place but sandboarding and dune-buggy tour remain at the top of the other activities. You can also soak an experience of local village life. You can finish your day by watching the sun go down over the sand.


Relish A Bath With Wild Sea Lions At Palomino Island

Peru offers visitors to experience wildlife at the closest and bathing with the sea lions is a perfect example of that. Palomino Island is located a few kilometers from the buzzing capital city of Peru, just offshore from Lima. Besides, seeing immense sea lion population through the eco excursions you can also spot many bird species and penguins. You can take a boat tour from the port of Callao to relish such a great moment.

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