Travelling to the Beautiful Kasbah of Morocco

The soil of best hospitality, old heritage cities, across the border deserts and the high ranges of mountains spreading at the borderlines making a mixture of diverse beauties. Travellers would find two main ethnic people here such as Arabs and Berbers. Most of the Berbers people stay at the very mountainous areas which have been preserved by them with their culture, tradition and language. It is a very special place for tourists to explore all the diversity around the world. Morocco is very popular and busy town during Ramadan because most of the Muslims keep on fasting at the day time and break it after the sunset, thus many delicious food items can be seen and cherished at many places even the restaurants use to close during lunch time. Muslims and non-Muslims from outside the country are also welcome here.

Djemaa El Fna: Situated in the main square, Djemaa El Fna is a very lively place to surf and would find the dramas going on everywhere. The two-street theatre named as ‘hoopla and halqa’ can be found always busy and non-stop from the instance the plaza was made near about 1050 and opened for public visits. The meaning of the name of this theatre actually is ‘assembly of the dead’. The programs here use to start at mid-morning.

Medina: One of the wonderful places in Morocco is Chefchaouen’s Medina. It is a small, calm and uncrowded place to visit and explore through its very compact streets which are not to lose at all. The most of the buildings are painted in blue-white colour, make it look fresh, alive and neat & clean. Situated in Medina, the Plaza Uta El Hammam is the most beautiful thing to enjoy. The plaza is coloured in red dominated by the walls of kasbah and the Grande Mosquee. The kasbah here consists of a museum, a garden and an art gallery.

Tafraoute: Ameln Valley is a very fabulous place and the villages here are also mind blowing but the Tafraoute village is a beautiful village in Ameln Valley. This village is surrounded by mountains which looks red in colour due to the presence of granite in the mountains. This area is not much focused from visitors therefore looks very fresh in its appearance and very prosperous too. Many members of the families here use to go in urban areas to work and earn money and then send that money to families stay here. This is a very peaceful and fabulous place to enjoy.

High Atlas Mountains: The highest mountain ranges of Morocco known with the name ‘Idraren Draren’ by local Berbers community people. It is also very much familiar by the hikers, especially in the spring. This high Atlas runs has been developed for nearly 1000 kilometres. From mountains to deserts this place is just awesome.


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