Travel to the Peaks of Japan- Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is also called by the name Fuji-san, a few people called it Fujiyama but this name was never given by the Japanese people. Mount Fuji is the highest mountain peak of Japan and a pivotal place which has been spread over a large area and sometimes feel untidy and irregular in its structure. The mountain has been emerged in the shape of the volcanic cone and counted as a national symbol which is made immortal in many of Japanese art and painting. The city at the foothills of Mount Fuji has many historical things to visit and enjoy. It is among the top tourists’ destinations of Japan. Hiking in the odd season at the Mount Fuji hills would be more amazing experience than the usual one because the hills would be full of snow and a very few people must reach there for performing sports in the odd weather. There are many places to visit and enjoy here, just have a look at few:

Fuji Five Lakes: Just at the foot of the hills, there is a region of lakes which comprises of the five lakes altogether. At the very heart of the region, there is a city situated with the name Fujiyoshida and have amusement parks, wooden bathhouses, hot water springs etc. made for the tourists who use to come here. You can also find resorts and museums there. Containing an ultimate history of an eruption of the town this place is really amazing to visit.


Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum: It is an ultimate mixture of European and Japanese art but the people who are aware of European art they would completely find it constructed and designed in the European way. It is the best theme-based park which is a combination of music as well as natural almighty. The Music Forest park has the world’s top class automatic musical instruments and the world’s largest “dance organ and doll orchestra”. You can have as many pictures as you want at the rose garden of it or at the comfortable restaurants and cafes of the museum.


Oshino Hakkai Springs: Hakkai Springs is made up of melting snow of Mount Fiji mountain after the lake Oshino dried. These are all eight springs falls in eight ponds. This is the cleanest and clear water and able to drink directly from where it is coming as it is found to be without impurities of water. This clear and clean transparent water in the ponds is very adequate for those plants which grow in fresh water and feels like an aquarium. This place has been found very crowdy due to the pleasant weather conditions and atmosphere and its virgin beauty as well.


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