Travel Tips to avoid Budget Busters

When thinking about a trip, the Budget comes at the base of all your plannings. You have worked hard day and night to earn this money and you would definitely want to spend it having an amazing traveling experience. Different hidden costs may be there for different trips but don’t let your hard-earned money be wasted on unnecessary budget busters.
Here we have shortlisted some of the best possible ways to avoid unnecessary expenses whether you are sticking to a tight budget or not-


Watch Your Drinks

Travelling can increase the intake of liquids you need in a day and you will surely find yourself spending a lot of money on the beverages such as packaged water bottles, a glass of wine or a latte.
But don’t worry, you can easily cut your costs on these items. Instead of buying packed water bottles, try to refill your empty bottles from your hotel or a water purification system or you could also invest in a water bottle with an inbuilt filter. Avoid consuming an imported beer brand and have a taste of the local brands in place of them which are relatively cheaper. If you want to have a coffee, then try a local barista instead of spending extra bucks on famous chains like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc.


At the Airport

For many travelers, unnecessary expenses start even before the trip begins. This could be on some book or any trashy magazine once you check-in or could be on snacks if you stop at a restaurant before your flight. So plan your budget beforehand and set your priorities straight.
If you have a piece of extra baggage or need an aisle seating or want to grab some food on the flight, make all those payments online because once you enter the airport, these charges will be levied by the airlines and they would cost you a lot more than usual. It will also help you to avoid that last-minute hustle and be stress-free.
You can also have your travel insurance booked in case your baggage gets lost or in case of potential medical emergencies. It will ease your mind while you are on the trip.


Currency and Credit Card fees

Before going, check with your bank for any direct card charges they may apply on a transaction in any of the foreign countries. Some financial institutions charge a hefty amount of money on international transactions, so check out for the card companies that won’t charge anything extra or ask your current one for information about their travel cards. Be sure to provide them a list of the countries you are about to visit, failing to which may cause your cards to be blocked.


Be selective as well as flexible

Be flexible with your departure dates as there are some days on which the flights might cost you a lot less than on other days. On the other hand, be very selective about the activities and the places you would be visiting while on your trip. Consider only those activities which you will actually enjoy doing or which suits your family’s needs. Choose wisely when deciding on the mode of conveyance to know a city or a country as it might help you in saving some few extra bucks.


Phone charges

Be cautious while using your phone abroad. If having a wireless connection, you need not worry as you can use any local Wi-fi connection. But if on mobile data you should contact your service provider and get information about the international charges they incur. Some of them could also switch you on international data at a low cost for a set amount of time.

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