Transparent City Offering Colours is London

London is the most vibrant and truly multicultural city offer tremendous variety to its people and tourists as well. Consider its sightseeing, landscapes, nightlife, restaurants and accommodation which are capable of taking anyone’s heart. London is the capital of England as well as the United Kingdom and also the largest city in the country. People here are very proud of their culture and country and have very strong feelings towards their society. A heaven for the tourists, London always exists at the top list of most of the visitors. London is very important and considered a very powerful city from many points of views such as the most desirable, effective, persuasive etc. Though it is a very expensive city yet it is the most travelled one too. If you are vegetarian then, of course, you would love to stay here because it is also known as the most vegetarian city in the world.

British Museum: The largest museum of the country, the British Museum is situated in London. Consisting galleries of many cultures from different civilizations, this Museum is one of the oldest and beautiful in the world opened for the public in 1759. Civilizations such as Egypt, Greek, European, Roman and Etruscan are the part of art and history presented in this museum. The Rosetta Stone and the Egyptian mummies are the must-watch attractions in the Museum. Guided tours are available here to facilitate the language and communication barriers of the tourists in almost ten languages.

Tate Museum: Yet modern but popular among the visitors, Tate Museum is one of the stunning attractions of London to visit. This contemporary and modern style art gallery is constructed using highly creative ideology and built at the Bankside Power Station near Millennium bridge. It is a spellbound masterpiece of modern art which gives a challenge to the masses. Due to the high crowd at this place, it was expanded by almost 60% in area and exhibitions become a part of it.

Tower of London: Tower of London is the iconic mark from the history of the Royalties. This Tower is not just a single tower standing alone but it is actually a castle of Towers which consists of 22 towers altogether which really shows the rich historic glance to the Tower. It was used as a residential place of Royals where they use to keep their treasury, armours etc. along with a zoo as well. It is now widely known as the prison because the king and his three queens were kept inside to this tower and met to death. The most spectacular view of it is the central White Tower.


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