Top Places in Europe to make your New Year awesome

Do you want to end this year by having the best time you can? Are you bored with the same faces and being in the same environment throughout the year? Then why not celebrate this New Year by exploring new places and by having some of the amazing experiences you have ever had.
As it is often said, the thing you do at New Year’s Eve sets the same vibe for the whole year. And if you want your coming year to be filled with new and exciting experiences, then why not initiate it on the New Year’s Eve itself!
And what could be a better place than Europe that one could think of! It is the perfect place to spend your holidays, especially during Christmas and after-Christmas. It gives you the opportunity to participate in huge celebrations, watch massive fireworks and to be a part of some amazing parties you can ever enjoy.
So here we have shortlisted some places in Europe where you can have a blast this New Year’s Eve-

1. Berlin, Germany

The city is famous for celebrating New Year’s Eve in style. Millions of visitors come to Brandenburg gate on 31st to have a gala time and enjoy its spectacular fireworks show. The atmosphere here is legendary with live bands and DJ; party tents; light and laser shows.
Berlin hosts one of Europe’s biggest street parties and its biggest indoor New Year’s Eve party at Kulturbrauerei provides you a gateway to 13 different dance floors, 30 DJs, and live bands. It does not end here, you can also party according to your own style and taste anywhere in the city.

2. London, England

As said by a famous man “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” So if you seriously want to have a mesmerizing start to the coming year, get your near and dear ones with you and head to London.
You will find the most popular and incredible fireworks show along the River Thames. The event is ticketed but you can also enjoy its view from various other spots in the city like Primrose Hill, Millennium Bridge, etc. To have a much more glamorous experience, seek the view from the rooftop bars of the city. It will truly be an unforgettable one!

3. Paris, France

“The city of lights” stands true to its name on the New Year’s Eve for sure. The city offers one of the most magical and amazing experience one could ever have. You can head to the site of the city’s official street party if that is your taste or go to dazzling Moulin Rouge in Pigalle to enjoy a great show if that suits your style.
Dinner at one of its celebrated restaurants like at the Lido de Paris can also be a perfect option to enjoy your new year and make it a memorable one. And if you want to party in style move to one of its nightclubs or a bar to get some thrilling party experience.

4. Madeira Islands, Portugal

If it is the fireworks you want to enjoy this New Year, then Madeira should be the one on the top of your list. It has one of the largest and most beautiful fireworks display in all of Europe and has also been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records in 2006.
The whole place gets decked up with colorful lights and offers one of the rare and most unique experiences with thousands of multi-colored lamps transforming the amphitheater Funchal into a grandiose stage.

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