Top 5 haunted places in the world you can’t visit alone

Human nature has no such limits even when it has something to do with haunted and spooky places, and that is out of our inquisitive approach towards certain things, especially the creepy ones that fascinates some people. There are so many places out there across the world that are believed to be haunted and are filled with several stories pertaining to ghost sightings and tragic accidents or incidents. These spine chilling places can easily make anyone chicken out at the last moment, but some are brave enough to actually go and experience the eerie and uneasy feeling you get while visiting such haunted spots.

If you still are feeling brave enough and are ready to explore the spookiest places across the world, then you may want to take a stroll through this list of 5 haunted and scariest places around the world that one cannot visit alone. Keep on reading to know about them.


Bhangarh fort, India

It is one of the most haunted places in the world that is only allowed to be visited during the day time. No visitors are allowed to visit this place after sunrise, and that’s because the spookiness and the spine chilling eeriness of the fort that comes alive at dawn. Till now, no one is believed to have spent the night here, making things pretty much mysterious. If the folklore story is to be believed, this placed was cursed by a Tantrik who was trying to woo princess ratnavatil with the use of magic. And when the princess became aware of his evil plans, she got him executed, and before dying, the Tantrik cursed the whole village that all the residents will die and will become roofless. And till date, whenever a roof is built, it collapses every time. Spooky, right?


The island of dolls, Mexico

Just the sight of this island will be enough to scare you. This place is covered with numbers of dolls hanging on the trees and can be seen all across the island. And don’t mistake them just as dolls, as if the stories are to be believed then they are the one who is responsible for all the spookiness and eerie feeling going around in this place. Many visitors have reported that these dolls move their hands and also follow them with their eyes. It was also claimed that they heard whispering and laughing sound in the woods. Scary enough right? Well, if you still have got the heart, then this may be just the next destination you would want to visit to quench your curiosity.


Aokigahara forest, Japan

We can’t decide whether to call it a forest or a haunted spot that has witnessed the largest number of suicides in history. For many reasons, this place is considered to be the most haunted amongst all, and that can be attributed to its spooky appearance, and many filled in stories about how a person gets lured into committing suicide and is majorly covered with thick, dense trees. Don’t get mistaken by its lush green appearance as things that happen inside this forest is something you wouldn’t want to witness. If you want to go there, go at your own risk as you may also find some signboards warning you not to enter the area.


Paris catacombs, France

This place is purely a result of overflowing cemeteries in the 18th century, which is created artistically using the remains, aka the bones of almost 6 million people. Cavernous tunnels, located beneath the French capital; can easily scare the hell out of anyone. These spider webbing tunnels constitute of many elaborative patterns created by stacking the remains together throughout the catacomb. Also, incidents of ghost sighting and people going missing or disappeared within the tunnels have been reported. If the idea of exploring Parisian underworld tempts you, then this may be just the right place for you to begin with.

Changi beach and old Changi Hospital, Singapore

Both the Changi beach and the old Changi hospital are believed to be haunted by the Chinese soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. Many Chinese soldiers were executed on this beach by the Japanese, and since then, several reportings of headless soldiers, flying heads, walking over the beach have been taken into account. Also, the hospital was used as a torture camp to torture the Chinese soldiers. If this is something that excites you, then this place should be the next destination on your list to witness unnatural happenings.

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