Tips and Tricks for first time backpacking adventure

Believe it or not, but backpacking has now become a mainstream form of tourism. It has started to gain worldwide popularity and is hugely being used as a way of traveling which involves low cost, independent travel, and carrying all the necessities in a backpack. A Backpacking trip is a fantastic way to explore the foreign lands and get up close with their culture, traditions, and of course, the people. It is a great means of travel for people who travel very often and cover longer and various destinations which usually take longer time than typical vacations. But the best highlight is the budget which never goes too high and is always maintained by adapting yourself to all different kinds of setting, living and environment.

It’s an opportunity that gives you the freedom to explore the destination your way and make your multi-destination backpacking trip a whole lot fun and adventurous. However, if it’s your first time experiencing it then you may find a few tips to be of use which can help you to be more comfortable and confident while going on a backpacking trip.


Always pack light

Since you’ll be carrying the luggage on your back, you shouldn’t be carrying a lot of stuff with you that can put you at discomfort or sometimes may also trouble you with your back. Packing is the most important part of this whole process and you wouldn’t want to go wrong here as it’s seriously no fun carrying a heavy backpack under the scorching sun. You shouldn’t carry each and everything with you, be very mindful of all the things you will be bringing along and only pick the ones that are actually needful. Take your time and then pack accordingly. Also, carry as many versatile pieces as you can so that you can cut short on the luggage.


Choose the right travel gadgets

Gadgets are again one of those things that can end up taking a lot of space in your luggage. You don’t have to carry every other travel gadget with you as it’s not only a wastage of money but they will also consume a lot of precious space in your backpack which could have been used to keep something better and useful. Only carry those items that would be coming to use more often or regularly such as power bank, packing cubes, filter water bottle, small pocket knife, padlock, microfiber travel towel, and universal adapter. If there are other things in your mind then you can also carry them along only if they are really necessary.


Choose hostels as your accommodation

Not exactly the kind of accommodation you would like to stay at, but this is possibly the safest and reliable option to go with. Hotels can be pretty expensive as compared to hostels. And that’s not the only reason for staying at hostels, surprisingly, hostels can prove to be a lot more fun as you can get a chance to meet and interact with fellow backpackers and the chances are you may also make new friends and find travel companions in the process. If you cannot sleep in a dorm among strangers then you can also book a private room to feel more comfortable and at ease. Just make sure to pick a hostel that caters to your every need and requirement.


Explore the offbeat places

Sometimes, the best way to make the most of your trip is to choose the offbeat path. While you sure should explore the destination for all its popular attractions but don’t forget to delve deeper and explore the hidden gems for a more adventurous and enthralling experience. Instead of asking the guides, try talking to the locals and ask them for their best recommendation to explore in the neighborhood.


Do some prior research

If not deep research, then at least make sure to research a little about the places you’ll be visiting. It certainly helps to make you feel at ease and more comfortable while traveling around the unknown land. Just learn about all the basic stuff such as the best time to visit the place, the currency, visa requirements, and a few other important things. You may also want to learn a bit about their culture, customs and local language to ensure that you don’t end up offending the locals or find it difficult to get your way around the destination owing to the language barrier.

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