The most Incredible boat tours ever!

Apart from rail and road, one of the best ways to explore any particular place is by water. You can go for a lot of boat rides and indulge in the beautifying experience of nature. This experience offers a lot of exotic views because you feel close to nature and are able to see the world in the closest proximity ever. As the boat moves through the water, you encompass various sights that were otherwise not accessible. Thus, this kind of experience should not be given a miss. Make sure you plan at least some of these boat trips and have an incredible experience of your life.


Amazon Riverboat, Peru, SA

South America already has the tag of being an adventurous destination for all those passionate travelers. This one offers a variety of things to do and that too in full fun and frolic. If you are in South America, you just cannot miss this incredible riverboat. It offers the most spectacular views ever and has been counted as one of the best boat rides of all time. Fancy riverboats or traditional lanchas run along the river and enable a picturesque view of the entire place. You can explore so many local villages, lodges and penetrating forests in view. This gives you an opportunity to boat through the enormous Amazon river and tame the local life in this area. The lanchas are usually two to three decks high and that’s why they are very crowded. Carry some eatables along with you and have a great time on this journey.


Milford Sound, South Island, NZ

Another spectacular one on the list! Rising above Milford Sound’s crystal indigo water is the Mitre Peak shining in all its glory. Because of this beauty amidst this fiord, this cruise is one of the most breathtaking sights ever. If you are looking for something that will give you the most enormous sights all time along with peace and tranquility, then pick this boat tour. Cruise through the waters for an hour and have a look at some incredible sights ever. There are a lot of worth-seeing valleys that you will spot throughout the ride namely Bowen Falls, St Anne’s Lighthouse, and Mount Pembroke. If you are lucky enough, you might spot some sea animals as well. Click a lot of pictures here and admire the beauty of nature.


Halong Bay, Vietnam

Known for its emerald waters, The ever beautiful Halong Bay is one of the designated World Heritage Sites. Halong bay is not just one island. It is a scatter of many islands and is famous for its beautiful grottoes. The beauty here is sublime and the views are truly breathtaking. All those who are looking for a boat tour that will surprise them with the most exotic views, Halong By is your perfect choice. This is Vietnam’s most visited cruise and is full of tourists all the time. This boat tour moves through 3000-odd limestone islands and makes you feel like you conquered something. The boat tours last from four to eight hours during the day and also offer some overnight tours. Make your choice and rejoice the best boat tour ever!


Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

When you are in Venice, expect a lot of pretty surprises. As beautiful as the city, it offers some of the most gorgeous sightseeing attractions ever. One of the most visited places here is this Grand Canal and you can fully explore this one on a Vaporetto. Vaporetto is a water bus that will take you on an appealing 40-minute journey down the Grand Canal from Piazzale Roma to San Marco Valaresso. The views midway are amazing and have the potential to lure you to settle down in Venice. Venice is anyway one of the most romantic destinations ever and this boat tour gives you the exotic views of some really attractive sights on the way. You will spot a lot of people hopping on this Vaporetto for a great ride every day. This one is truly a bliss!


Franklin River, Australia

This one is a unique ride on the list. If you are looking for an adventure-filled ride, then this is your definite pick. Australia is a hub of adventure and fun, it offers some exotic sights that and breathtaking views. The Franklin river journey is definitely not for the weak-hearted. It is scary and quite challenging. This boat ride is different from the rest and goes on for eight to fourteen days amidst the penetrating jungles and lush greenery. Located in the Tasmania region of Australia, this one offers a lot of distinct wildlife on the way. If you love to live your life on the edge, go for this one. Rafting and hiking are common trails here so get on one and make this one an unforgettable experience.

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