The Dos and Don’ts of backpacking with kids

Backpacking trip has become more and more popular among travelers for all the right reasons. While it’s a more popular choice among solo travelers but taking your family along is also a great idea which can be actually a lot more fun and exciting. As thrilling as a backpacking trip can be, preparing for it can actually be pretty intimidating, especially when you are taking your kids along. There are so many elements that you have to consider when planning for a backpacking trip, right from packing to carrying a few important things. Planning for a backpacking trip with your kids can easily take a toll on anybody as there are tons of things that swim through your mind. For starters, packing is the most crucial and daunting job in this whole backpacking thing because you wouldn’t want to miss out on items that are extremely important.
If it’s your first time experiencing backpacking with your kids, then you may find the list of these dos and don’ts of little use so that you can have a fun and hassle-free time on the road.

The Dos

Do make sure to pack light

The last thing you would want to do is packing your kid’s backpack heavy which will make it difficult for them to carry it on their back. And you know what it means, if they can’t carry it, you will have to carry all the stuff which can be pretty exhausting considering the fact that you may already have plenty of your own stuff to carry with you. A person can roughly carry 10% of their body weight on the back which goes for both adults and kids. This is why try to pack your bags as light as you can so that it be convenient for everyone to carry them on their own.


Do bring a medical kit

Accidents and unforeseen situations can happen anytime, anywhere. And it’s not necessary that you will always be able to find assistance while you’re on the road. This is the reason; you should always bring a medical kit along with you. You don’t need to carry everything, just add a few important things such as a bandage, liquid stitches, antihistamines, etc. It will keep you prepared for any kind of mishappening that you encounter on the way.


Do pack toys and other entertainment options for your kids

It’s very important for kids to feel a sense of normalcy and their toys can just be the way to make them feel like they are following a normal routine and feel at home. No matter how long your trip is, bringing some toys and of course, other entertainment option such as a tablet, audio book, and several other kid-friendly gadgets is always a good idea. These things will keep them occupied and entertained throughout their trip. Carrying such things may add extra ounces to your backpack but they will all be worth it.

The Don’ts

Don’t carry more than two of anything

Another important thing to keep in mind is to not carry more than two of anything especially when it comes to clothes. Carrying things that can be washed and dried within a day is the most suitable choice to pack as they allow more flexibility and seems more convenient option than lugging around a heavy backpack with you throughout your trip. And you always have the option to buy things along the way in case if you need anything. Try to pack your stuff minimally and in a streamlined manner to make sure that you have a fun time.


Don’t pack extra toiletries

While we understand that it’s always better to carry a backup with you but that doesn’t mean you will carry tonnes of toiletries with you which is completely unnecessary. This will only add extra weight to your backpack and that’s not something you should look forward to. Almost every other place provides basic stuff at their stores and gas station. Therefore, unless you have a prescribed product which can be hard to find somewhere else, try carrying as fewer toiletries as you can.

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