The Distinctive Flavors of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the land of palatable curries that are prepared using the best flavors ever. If there is one thing that you should try there are their curries as well as the different kinds of bread they serve along. Distinctive tastes and curries make the best Sri Lankan food and thus, you must try each one of them.


Fish Ambul Thiyal

Sour fish curry in Sri Lanka is one of the most famous delicacies there and is loved by almost everyone. the flavor of this dish is something else. With so much variety in food, you can expect this one to top the list because of the alluring flavor. Seafood is anyway a prominent food staple in Sri Lanka and that is why this dish is the most consumed one here. A lot of fish curries are available there but this one makes use of large fish like Tuna which is further cut into cubes and then sauteed with different spices. These spices add to the ultimate flavor of this fish curry and make way to our stomach. Along with other spices, a major ingredient called Goraka is used in this to give a sour flavor. Dried Goraka is a small fruit with multiple benefits. Fish Ambul Thiyal is a sour fish curry usually eaten with rice or paan for the best taste.
Where: Curry Leaf, Colombo



Kottu is a very popular vegetarian dish in Sri Lanka. It can also be referred to as the pasta dish in Sri Lanka and is one of the tastiest things you will ever have there. With a blend of multiple flavors that come together to make one masterpiece dish, Kottu is a must try there. The most important ingredient in this dish is the thing that is used to prepare it and that is Godamba roti. This Godamba roti is a crispy bread that looks flat. This roti is deep-fried when you place an order at the restaurant and then it is chopped with a selection of ingredients that you choose. This adds to the overall taste and makes it look like pasta. Except for the fact that it is a roti cut into pieces. Kottu is usually served with a spicy curry so that there is no stone unturned in its preparation.
Where: Hotel de Pilawoos


Parippu – Dhal Curry

One of the most consumed and popular curries in Sri Lanka is this Dhal curry with everything delicious. The most common curry in Sri Lanka that is consumed in every household and is served in early every restaurant is Dhal curry. Parippu is made from Masoor dhal and is prepared using a lot of veggies and spices for the ultimate taste. If you love curries, you are going to love this one for the love of veggies. Onion, tomatoes, green chilies are sauteed together and then spices are added. For this curry, the liquid is kept thick and then coconut milk is added to give this dhal curry the best friend it needs. A texture of veggies along with thickened coconut milk is something you will remember forever. Grab this one with different kinds of bread for the taste.
Where: Ministry of Crab



Rice served in a banana leaf delicacy that this one is, it is basically meat Marinated In Sambal Chili Sauce and served along with rice on a leaf. The main ingredients being meat and rice, this one is a definite love for all non-vegetarian lovers. This dish is the perfect example of having everything in one place. Usually prepared with possibly all the basic spices such as curried vegetables and diverse spices, this one truly tastes heaven and is mouth-watering too. Lamprais means Lump and Rice, i.e a combination of rice, meat and chili sauce. Therefore, every ingredient is in lumpsum in this dish and literally tastes like the best thing ever. The presentation is equally beautiful with a scoop of rice in the center along with meat curry, vegetables on the side and beef balls.
Where: VOC Cafe


A replica of pancakes in Sri Lankan style, this is the best dish that you can have in your breakfast there. With a fermented batter of rice, flour, coconut milk and a hint of sugar, this delicious appam is prepared at every restaurant. The best thing about this dish is that even though it is fried, it feels light and thus, adds to the overall flavor of the dish and makes it worth trying. This batter when fried is twirled a bit and egg is added in the center. Hoppers can be sweet or savory as you like. All these flavors make the best hoppers ever and thus, you have an alternate for pancakes in a unique style.
Where: Palmyrah Restaurant

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