The Czech Republic- A Dream destination!

A country in central Europe, the Czech Republic is an extraordinary dream destination to visit. Known for its picturesque views, historic castles, and medieval buildings, this place will give you memories of a lifetime. Once you visit this place, you would want to stay here for a long time and we’ll tell you why. Waking up early in the morning with the most spectacular view from your balcony, cool breeze and subtle music on the streets is what this place offers its visitors and residents. It is a gorgeous picturesque country and Europe tour is absolutely incomplete without stepping in this land. The Czech Republic is an advanced and modern country with high standards of living and posh localities. It is a blend of gothic historical sites and some unbelievable modern structures which will capture your heart like nothing else.

We’ve listed the top destinations in the Czech Republic which you can visit and stay there to have the best taste of European culture.


A visit to the Czech Republic is absolutely incomplete without visiting this capital. Prague is a paradise for this place and there are no second thoughts about it. The iconic capital of Prague does justice to all the beauty in the world with its intricate artwork buildings, gothic architecture, street galleries, and riverside views. If you are in Prague, be ready to have the most unforgettable moments of your life. Visit the famous Prague Castle which is one of the most visited tourist attractions and you can even chill on the banks of Vltava river. This place has a beauty like no other so do not miss out on this one!

Cesky Krumlov

This one is truly a fairytale come true kind of place. With bohemian culture and medieval buildings, Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You should definitely add this town to your bucket list because it has some of the best attractions, architectural buildings, and castles. Simply walking through this city will give you goosebumps and a great vibe and positivity. It is that beautiful! Vibrant houses, red roofs and panorama views over the city make it a great place! Visit the nearby town of Ceske Budejovice which is home to Budweiser beer. Even though it is a small city, Cesky Krumlov is a lovely fairytale town for your memorable pictures.


Known for its unique fountains made in Baroque style, unbelievable sculptures, and charming beauty, Olomouc is a beautiful town in eastern Moravia. This one has a playful and vibrant charm to it. It has a lot of major attractions like the Olomouc zoo, upper square, Saint Wenceslas Cathedral to name a few. You must also visit the UNESCO protected site Trinity Column which is a highlight of Olomouc. Along with some intellectual sites, you will also find a fun quirky side to this place. Olomouc is considered one of the most loved but less visited places in the Czech Republic. The beauty is still untamed. So you should go for it and explore the unknown!



For all the music lovers, this place is good news. Ostrava features some of the best music festivals of all time and hosts the best concerts. With this place, you are going to party all night long and enjoy what real music is! The music city of the Czech Republic, this one holds a lot of surprises for its visitors. Live music, street pubs, party places, and fun festivals are the major highlights of this place. This is sure to attract you and you would not want to let go of it. The famous music festival ‘colors of Ostrava’ is something you cannot miss. So explore Ostrava and have the memories of a lifetime.


Liberec is a complete package for all those who want to tame and relax their body as well as the mind. Offering a variety of sightseeing options as well as adventure sports, this place will get the best of you! One feels close to nature in the vibrant feels of Liberec. You really don’t have to go for anything else if all you want to do is explore the beauty of nature and your limits. With beautiful museums of art, intricate castles, scenic landscapes, and breathtaking adventure, this one maintains a balance in all aspects. You can hike and ski at Jizera peak which has the most jaw-dropping views!

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