The contrast of Religion and Beliefs is Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China and the second largest city after Shanghai in the country. Beijing is the Centre for most of the political, educational and cultural affairs of the country. Very active city in the day and night because of its importance in all kind of affairs. The city of Beijing is covered with mountains from the three sides but the climate is still very dry and found a hot as well. The metropolitan city completely full of advance ideology is always ready to welcome its tourists. Love for the food among Beijing people is widely famous and you would come across many new dishes which may not be known by you.

The Great Wall of China: The world famous and the oldest destination to visit in China is the Great wall of the country. This would be first place among visitors who wish to travel there. It has been made on the great mountains of Beijing but it can be seen at various locations on China’s provinces.

Forbidden City: This city is situated in the very heart of Beijing. The city has its importance due to its historical places which have been kept preserved under its walls. It has the honour of preserving the largest Palace complex in the world. It was the Centre for two different dynasties once which slowly demolished after 1911. One who wants to explore history would get many things to explore.

Temple of Heaven Park: The most peaceful and calm place to explore yourself and your religious beliefs. Spread in the 267 hectares of land this monastery is very unique and indifferent. Location around it is really fascinated. This is a kind of alter which is named as the temple of Heaven but no worships held here in this monastery.

The Bell Tower: Painted in the red colour, the bell of the Bell Tower is used to ring for telling the time to the people of the city. It is basically the city’s official time telling old technique or we can say device. It was once built to keep the day timings in time while performing daily chores or the official works. It is also called the Drum Tower.

Lama Temple: This extraordinary temple is made under the belief of the Buddhist religion. It is the best example of architecture and very popular among tourists. The most amazing sample of carpentry can be seen here. You can see the prayer wheels used by Tibetan people, a pair of Chinese lions here in this temple. It is a formal place of worship.


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