The best of the United States in 5 Most Gorgeous Cities

The United States of America is truly the most powerful country in the world and also the most gorgeous. It is a hub of some of the best cities every because they are all so beautiful. Miami, Los Angeles, Honolulu, San Franciso, and Las Vegas make for the ultimate trips to the USA. But if we had to choose some out of all that are liveable, gorgeous as well as worth visiting, we would pick them from the following. Have a look and plan this trip to the USA right away!


New York

Needless to say, New York is the most gorgeous in the USA and definitely deserves your visit more than once in a lifetime. An incredible city with the most amazing attractions that are renowned worldwide, New York has been the hub of some modern buildings and structures ever since. It has its own character and style which is absolutely contagious. Although this one is not the capital city of the USA, it is still the most renowned city. It is home to the fascinating beauty of the Statue of Liberty as well as the greatest Broadway shows of all time. There are so many things that you can do here that the vibe of New York will give you an everlasting remembrance. Have a great time strolling down the streets and you are sure to love this incredible experience of NY City.


Los Angeles

The vibe of Los Angeles is something else. If you are looking for a place that will give you the most fun experience of your trip to The United States, then Los Angeles should be your choice without a doubt. This place is a hub of all things beautiful and if you are up for fun, then this place also offers the greatest nightlife ever. With power-packed energy, values, and culture as well as pristine beaches, this place makes for the most incredible cities in NYC. There is literally so much that one can do there that there is no chance you will run out of places to see. You can head to the gorgeous beaches in Malibu or simply stop by a street museum to appreciate art. Go shopping on Rodeo Drive or simply surf at the beach. It offers a variety of fun things to do, the choice is absolutely yours.


Washington, DC



One of America’s most beautiful cities, Washington DC is literally one of the most iconic places we have ever seen. Being the capital city of the USA, Washington DC is a plethora of everything you name. It has some really interesting museums in its boundaries, the best one being the National African American Museum of History and Culture. It is a new addition to the family of museums that was opened in 2016. You can also go visit some historic monuments as well as structures that have been said to exist for the longest time now. Washington DC is truly a royal place with all the majestic sites that will make you feel royal and prestigious. Lastly, do not forget to visit the National Mall. It is the ultimate national tribute to American sacrifice and achievement.


New Orleans

New Orleans is literally the most enthralling place in the USA because of its playful vibes. If you are in New Orleans, all you will see is electric colorful scooters, craft beers, colorful streets and people literally having the best time of their lives. In New Orleans, people love to dress up and go out for brunch, cocktails as well as live music which is one of the most famous things here. This city has the best bars in the USA where you can indulge in the most vibrant feels. The intoxicating vibe of this place makes you visit it again and again. Along with the fun part, this place also has a lot of neighboring places with colorful buildings as well as iconic structures on every corner. You will love this architecture and will not regret even a moment being in New Orleans.



Truly one of America’s great metropolises, Charleston is all steeped into history, culture, values, art as well as fun vibes for everyone visiting this place. It offers so many variant cuisines that you can try along with beautiful cathedrals in every corner. If you are in Charleston, you would definitely fall in love with this place. It has literally blessed the United States with its existence. From architecture to art and culture, Charleston has everything. It is also one of the most liveable cities here. Apart from food and drinks, it has a famous city market too where you can buy fancy souvenirs. It has a fairytale-inspired vibe and landscape and that is why it is truly worth visiting.

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