The best of Berlin in 24 hours

Another gem in Germany! This iconic capital of Germany is known for its intricate art and architecture, historic buildings and modern landmarks. There are just so many breathtaking sights in Berlin that will have you gaze in awe. The largest city in Germany, Berlin has a lot of surprises in store for you even if you’re visiting for a day. With so much in the field of art, entertainment, and history, this one is truly a perfect cosmopolitan city. It has some of the best opera houses, clubs and theaters where art is not just passion, it’s the face of Berlin. So, if you are in Berlin for a day, we won’t say that you can see everything that it has in store. But you can definitely have a taste of the best in Berlin! The list is endless but we have listed a few which you just can’t afford to miss-

Visit the Alexanderplatz

Alexanderplatz is one of the best known public areas in Berlin. If you are visiting this place, you must start your day with this iconic place. It is visited by more than 3,60,000 people daily which makes it one of the most visited places in Berlin too. Here you will see the busy streets of Berlin with beautiful buildings standing tall in the background. One of the city’s most amazing landmarks is also a highlight in this public square. The Fernsehturm is a huge TV tower with a 360-degree panorama view at the top. The ticket costs around 17 Euros so you must book it in advance and enjoy a spectacular view from the top.

Admire the Berliner Dom

This historic church in Berlin is a show-stealer. Berlin is full of historic and ancient stories and this one tops them all. This cathedral is everything that art is made of. Visitors and locals come here to worship as well as admire the intricate beauty of this church. Once you enter this cathedral, you will know why are we stressing on the beauty so much. Every pillar, every corner, every arch that you will spot inside- is made with delicate artwork and precision. It has an incredible structure on the inside as well as the outside. You must visit this Berliner Dom and praise it for all its worth!

Look around in Museuminsel

Rightly named Museuminsel, this one means Museum island. It is one of the most beautiful museums in Berlin and we bet! All those who love such art and cultural museums, this is bliss for you. This museum is the perfect blend of art and antique structures with some really diverse cultures. It includes other museums that showcase Greek and Roman art, Egyptian and German art in full view. You will not want to step out of here because it has just so much to offer. You can praise the art of diverse cultures all day here and not get bored! If there’s one thing you can think of that Berlin cannot do without- is art!

Gaze at the Berlin wall

Now, this is not exactly a place to visit but a huge wall that extends along the road as far as your eyes can reach. This wall is full of graffiti in colorful tones and shades. This is a major attraction in Berlin for the amount of creativity put into it. Its origin goes back to 1961 and it is so long that it dissects 55 streets in Berlin. This is one huge example of man-made graffiti and intelligence. The Berlin wall is applauded for its creativity and artwork everywhere. If you are in Berlin, you must see this one, click some beautiful pictures and enjoy your day!

Charlottenburg Palace and Park

This one is Berlin’s oldest and largest Prussian estate and has our heart for sure! This palace is something extraordinary with a massive dome and opulent Baroque with vast gardens. This dates back to the 17th century and has been home to the German Royalty for years. Now it is open to visitors to admire its intricate beauty and lush gardens. A major highlight of this palace is the New Wing which has some beautiful apartments and banquet halls. Visitors have a glimpse of this incredible beauty and spend a few hours at this property. Do not forget to put it on your list!

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