The Best And Safest Destinations For Solo Woman Travelers

Traveling alone or solo is like exploring the world on your own terms, where you tend to gain a whole new perspective of the world you are residing in from birth. Raveling, the world’s beauty alone is for sure a lifetime experience. When traveling solo the first thing that comes to the mind is exploring solo and staying safe. Though the world is an immense stretch but not all the places are safe to burrow your travel seeds.

Being a woman, traveling solo is not a big deal as some of you might assume it to be. Just dive into the world’s safest spots and solo traveling is nothing you cannot achieve. We know it’s something very hard to decide for but beauties when you will board your solo itinerary everything will fell into place. All you need to do is find your ideal stride and you will indubitably relish the first-time experience.

Since it’s quite intriguing to decide where to commence your first solo traveling from and so to avoid any sort of dilemma we have listed some of the safest and exquisite places that just fit the bucket-list of a first-timer solo woman traveler.



It didn’t come out as a surprise on the list for sure. When deciding on to travel alone this Land of Smiles tops the list of top-attractions. If you love water and want to test water this place is your ideal spot. Thailand is home to world-class beaches, buzzing streets, appetizing cuisine, brisk culture, and world-famous discos and pubs that exhibit the perfect nocturnal. This place has something for everyone. Even if you are a thrifty backpacker you can easily board your solo itinerary from Thailand. What makes it the best place for solo woman travelers is that it is a busy country with hoards of traveler every year and it’s really easy to crack. The cheap and easy accommodation, convenient transportation to stroll around spots, makes it an ideal location to achieve your epic journey.



Japan is a dream location for the world’s travelers and if you are getting the chance to explore it alone don’t miss that for sure. It is one of the cleanest, safest, well-planned, and polite countries in the world. Japan is a hub of unique culture, serene views, advanced world technology, art museums, friendly locals, and magnificent living history. Of course, how can you miss to relish the world-renowned sushi, it is for sure a lip-smacking gastronomy of Japan’s cuisine.

With punctual transportation, friendly and polite people language is no barrier even if you don’t know the language traveling through is much easier for woman travelers. It offers an affordable yet luxurious experience for the woman travelers who are on a budget.



Though Germany has quite a strong and brutal history but the place is safest to travel alone, then you have imagined it to be. The European country is a walking gallery of divine vistas, vibrant streets, mouth-watering gastronomy, traditional beers and wines, diverse culture, and friendly people. The place will make you fall in love at the very first sight. The country is safe and welcomes the solo woman travelers, navigation is gentle, and language is not a restriction as English is spoken by a wide population. Traveling Germany is the safest boarding of your first solo trip ever. No one is to blame you if you never wished of leaving the place as it’s an infatuation.
With no-cost museums and entertaining streets, you can spend a day or two of your entire itinerary without splurging fortunes. So, that sounds a perfect European place for a solo traveler who wants to explore on a budget.


South Africa

The country surrounded by the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. If you want to experience the world-class views on a budget South Africa bids everything offered by any other luxurious place at a less than a fraction. It offers the best way to experience wildlife at the closest. The Kruger National Park jungle safari offers a guaranteed display of n number of wildlife species including lions, leopards, black and white rhinos, African elephants, diverse bird species, and Cape buffalos. The capital city has world-class casinos and pubs and that to on a budget.

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