Sudan is the Destination of World Class Pyramids

When just after opening the eyes, you face the golden coloured pyramid, make sure you have landed in Sudan, the land of the most pyramids around the world more than even Egypt even. This is the place where two Niles meets and turns into one. This is the land of great dives also with wonderful colours of fishes majorly in red. Though the beauty of Sudan is remarkable but travelling to the country is not very easy therefore many places in Sudan is still undiscovered & unexplored from the tourist point of view. It is a wonderful surprise for those who are travelling at the very first time. The people in Sudan are very friendly & cooperative and hospitality is really the best in the world. The most amazing places to travel in Sudan are described as:

Meroe Pyramids: The pyramids range from the height of six meters to the thirty meters and built-in Nubian style. One of the most spectacular tourist spots in Africa is these Pyramids covered in the apricot coloured sand swept hills looking like an ancient royal homage. The pyramids in Moroe is built in the shape where base is narrow and very steep from the slope area. These are also obviously worshipped as the tombs of both queens and kings. There must be approximately 100 pyramids in London but divided into the two different sectors like one are covered with much well preserved material and few are still there.

Kassala: Situated at the northeastern Sudan, Kassala is the wonderfully established at the foot hills of Taka Mountains. Besides of its long distance apart from the other Sudan it is worth to pay for the travelling. It is a popular destination for honeymoon as well and an ethnic place compiling its tradition and culture at the very end of the country too which is very appreciating. The small village near to it is an opportunity for the tourists to know its cores.

Karima: A very less people dare to come to this part of Africa and made a hopeful journey. Karima, situated at the bank side of the Nile is a Nubian town which is really rich for its history in collection of its ancient spots of travelling and for this particular reason it is enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage list as well. This town holds a vast and very mysterious history of a long time which is worth to be explored.


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