South America: Backpacker’s Paradise

Being the territory of huge peaks and penetrating jungles, South America is a perfect travel destination for the freaky adventurer in you. South America is also quite famous for its old civilization, traditions, and colonial towns. All the travelers who have been to this country have always admired the friendliness and kindness of the local lads. Thus it is home to one of the most hospitable and kind inhabitants which are plus points if you’re traveling here alone. South America has been called ‘Backpacker’s Paradise’ because it is an ultimate place for all the wanderers and travelers who have a thing for adventure. There is an array of so many diverse things to do here like climbing mountains, go hiking or surfing at different destinations like Brazil or the Andes which is the world’s second-largest mountain range.

Each country in South America offers a unique and profound experience for backpackers. So we’ve listed some of the best backpacking destinations in South America where you can head to and encounter the best experience of your life!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro is hands down one of the most fascinating places in the world. It’s home to some really beautiful beaches and crazy nightlife with the most fun-loving inhabitants. The legendary Carnival event here is one of the most exciting places to go to. Talking of backpacking, Brazil offers a variety of fun activities like surfing the beaches and visiting Iguacu falls. You’ll get a chance to enjoy a mixture of African-European culture and unmatched hiking experience. With vast forests, mountains and high peaks, you can go on a hill trail for enjoying the most stunning view from the top. It is definitely South America’s most backpack-worthy country.

Canoa, Ecuador

Ecuador is relatively a smaller place but is no less in offering world-class experience. With so many awesome things to do, you’ll love backpacking in Ecuador. Canoa has successfully earned the reputation of being a hotspot for surfers, paddle boarders, and paragliders. You can certainly head to the beach and lush jungles for the ultimate experience. One of the first things you would love to do here is a trip to the Andes. The Andes has a very diverse beautiful culture which is a really sweet encounter for all nature lovers. It has a beautiful coastline and spectacular landscapes showing off snowy peaks.

Macchu Picchu, Peru

Peru is a little expensive than other destinations. But the essence and feel of traveling that you experience in Peru are like no other. With an elongated coastline, Peru is known for its fun surfing on the beaches and thrilling scuba diving. One of the most popular places here is Macchu Picchu which is definitely recommended. Macchu Picchu is an archeological site and its mysterious history goes way back into the 15th century. There’s so much to explore in this place for all the history lovers as well. It has a beautiful landscape with green peaks all over the place. You can also visit the famous Temple of the Sun which is a landmark attraction.


Venezuela has always been one of the most desired places to visit because of its sky-high mountains, lush forests, and incredible beaches. Every backpacker has dreamt of going to Venezuela and we can understand why. Though it is a very dangerous place to go for backpacking; it is also one of the most mind-blowing experiences ever. You can explore the caves and forests there and get into wild extreme sports. It’s is not meant for beginners so only experienced travelers should plan their trip to Venezuela.


Backpacking through Columbia is a full package. It has everything you wish for. With great night parties, thrilling surfing at the beach, wild jungles to explore and what not! Columbia has every adventure in store for you and is truly a paradise for backpackers. You can let loose here and do whatever you want to. It was once the major spot for drug lords like Pablo Escobar but times have changed and there is a really fun vibe to it now. You can visit so many places here like the Tayrona National park which is very authentic and will hold your heart forever for its wild nature.

Backpacking in South America is one of the best things you would want to do. This Latin-flavoured continent has virtually everything you expect it to be!

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