Solo Backpacking? Here is your Ultimate Guide

A solo backpacking trip is all fun and adventure until it hits you in real. This experience can turn out to be the best thing in your life but it can also have some adverse effects. If you are looking forward to planning your solo trip, then you need to understand some safety points as well as some ways to make this trip a blissful experience. Along with having fun, safety is also imperative. Therefore, here are some things you need to do for planning a good solo trip so that you remember it for years to come.


Devise a solid plan

The foremost thing that you need to do for a solo backpacking trip is to devise a solid plan for yourself. Simply wandering on the streets of an unknown destination is not something that you are supposed to do on this trip. You are there for some soul-searching and to have a divine experience all by yourself. So, if you do not want to turn this trip into a terrible experience, then plan ahead and make sure you have all the points covered. Whatever trail you are going to, the places you are going to stay at, the route you will follow, emergency contacts, local help, food options as well as learning the local language- everything should be covered in this plan so that you do not regret later. Start planning months before the actual execution of the plan because this will help you pull off the most successful solo backpacking trip.


Prepare to feel alone

On this solo trip, the one thing that you might miss is companions. Whether it is your family, friends or kids- if you are alone in some other land, you are going to miss them badly. Amidst this loneliness, you might indulge with strangers to make yourself feel happy. This can turn out to be adverse on you so make sure that you talk to people only up to a limit. Feeling alone seems obvious for a solo trip of any kind because disconnecting from everything is a big change. So, instead of trusting strangers on a trip and talking to them, simply assign yourself a task or add fun activities to this trip. Pack good reads, a sketchbook, a diary for writing everyday experiences, and a professional camera for capturing moments. All these things are great for enjoying your solace and will also keep you happy.


Pack a safety kit

Since this is your solo trip, you are supposed to take care of yourself alone. There is nobody to ask you about the problems that you might face on the journey or any kind of injury that you might suffer from. You need to take care of yourself on this alone trail which actually looks scary; if you come to think of it. Strolling through unknown trails all by yourself without any help is a scary idea so you need to plan well in advance and pack everything that might aid you in this trip. Not only do you have to worry about ubiquitous problems such as wildlife, weather, and unexpected injuries, but you also have to be concerned about your safety from other hikers. Since you are alone, you can be prey for animals and other people also. Pickpockets and other suspicious humans are everywhere, so be attentive and pack everything that you think might keep you safe. A multi-purpose knife, hockey stick along with a first-aid kit, etc will help.


A folder for your documents

You are supposed to protect your identity in a strange place. So, if you are wandering on the streets carrying your backpack along, you should pay extra attention to the documents that you are carrying along. These documents of your identity- passport, license, travel tickets, hotel room details, credit cards, and money are very important and must be taken care of. Pick a separate folder for all these documents and also create sub-folders that you can place in different pockets of the bag. Your hostel and hotel booking documents should go in one folder and your travel documents should go in one separate folder. Keep your valuables safe and yourself even safer. Make this trip a memorable one whilst taking care of every little thing.

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