Secret Locations in Europe on a Budget

Europe is such a wonderful land to visit. It consists of various timeless places to visit. Europe is an assortment of various cultures and traditions. Even though Europe is quite small compared to most continents, it has been the most influential in shaping the world economy and culture.

It was the Europeans who discovered America and Australia. It’s also the Europeans who established the first trade routes. It is also the Europeans who colonized America, Australia and most of Asia. Europe is filled with stories of adventure and history.

So, for this vacation, head on to Europe! Explore this historic landmass. But where to visit in Europe? Isn’t a trip to Europe expensive? Wouldn’t it be crowded this time of the year? Where in Europe can I truly enjoy beautiful visuals and serenity at the same time? What are the ‘must do activities’ or ‘must see places’ Europe? Do not worry.

All of these questions will be answered in this article. Leave the hard work to us and start packing your bags, winter is around the corner so pack some warm clothes. Below are 7 incredible secret locations in Europe to visit on a budget.

1.The Azores, Portugal:

Portugal is a southern European country, which is famous for its grilled seafood. The Azores is an archipelago located 800 miles off the coast of Portugal. The Azores consist of 9 volcanic islands; it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Azores are referred to as the European version of Hawaii. The Azores generally consist of fishing villages. It is home to the highest Atlantic mountain, Mt. Pico, which peaks at 2351 metres above sea level.

2.Kamnik Alps, Slovenia:

It is a mountainous country located in Central Europe. The Kamnik Alps mountain range is home to Ljubljana, Europe’s oldest preserved herdsmen settlement, and the Velika Planina, ‘The Big Pasture Plateau’ which boasts some of the most amazing grass fields.

3.Asturias, Spain:

Located northwest of Spain, this region is famous for its churches and convents, medieval architecture, mountains and rocky beaches. Asturia has a lot of history. It’s beaches are also relatively less populated. It is also home to 4 UNESCO biosphere reserves.

4.Lake Ohrid, Macedonia:

It is located in southeast Europe. Macedonia has a lot to boast. It is home to the world’s deepest underwater cave, Cave Vrelo. At 66 metres stands the world’s tallest cross monument, the Millenium Cross. But the highlight of Macedonia is Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest lakes in the world.

5.The Peloponnese, Greece:

It is located in Southern Greece and is connected by a landbridge, the Isthmus of Corinth. The Peloponnese’s most famous landmark is Olympia, the first Olympic Games (dating back to 776 BC). It is home to amazing caves, beaches and historic ruins.

6.Lednice-Valtice, Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic is one of the most underrated countries when it comes to tourism. Lednice-Valtice is well known as the Garden of Europe, as it is Europe’s largest artificial geographical area. A major attraction that you cannot afford to miss out on is Lednice Castle.

7.Saaremaa Island, Estonia:

Estonia is a relatively small country which is hidden in northern Europe. It is a developing country that has not much to boast except it’s simple lifestyle. But let not this country fool you as it has some of the most amazing landscapes, rocky beaches and lakes. It has a lot of history, as it was once a part of the Soviet Union. Estonia is home to churches, castles and fortresses. It’s countryside is littered with amazing windmills.

What are you waiting for?? Have a blasting vacation in Europe and that too on a Budget.

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