Seaside Fun Trip To Viti Leu

Viti Leu is one of the most famous and largest islands in Fiji. Near the coastline, luscious cliffs, dramatic beauty of Viti Leu Island will surely outstanding beauty in the world where you can enjoy the most amazing vacay time. The rainforest surrounding and spectacular dunes regions are the most picturesque beauty that you can capture in your camera. If you want to enjoy an excellent vacay time with your family then you can plan an impressive fun trip to Viti Leu.

Viti Leu is the most attractive and stunning destination where you can get a glorious chance to enjoy a relaxing time near the shorelines and to do exciting adventurous activities for creating unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Are you ready to know more about the pristine beauty of Viti Leu? If you are ready to enjoy holiday time on the island then you can plan up a happy seaside relaxing trip. And, we are here with the latest travel guide that will help to plan an adventurous and serene vacation plan for Viti Leu, for that check out the information provided below.


Roam In The White Area Of Pacific Harbor

This is the best spot for the tourist on this island where you can relax and forget about all your daily worries. Also, you can various adventurous activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and capture the picture of coral reefs and beautiful tropical species of fishes floating in the sea. Pacific harbor is one of the popular attractions for travelers because they can enjoy many more fun activities too. Also, you can get speechless watching the luscious greenery of Viti Leu Island. Therefore, don’t forget to have a fun time on the pacific harbor with your family.


Beautiful Scalloped Bays Nananu-i-Ra

In the northern region of Viti Leu you can enjoy your time in the white beaches and dark green hills will grab your attention. If you want an ideal break from your busy schedule and want to relax then Nananu-i-Ra is the most ultimate seaside area to relax. You can also windsurf and excellent holiday time in this northern space of Viti Leu. Therefore, don’t forget to gaze around the local areas of Nananu-i-Ra and capture wanderlust pictures of lucid blue shorelines. Therefore, forget about all your worries and spend your time in Nananu-i-Ra.


Spectacular Beauty Of Navua River

From the peaks, Mount Gordon Navua River runs from the dramatic creeks and passages of the mountains. This is one of the best spots for the people, who like to enjoy adventure sports for them Navua river is the best place to explore rafting. From the passages of rugged terrain and lush greenery, you can raft through the deep canyons and rocky cascades of the mount Gordon peak. Therefore, you take your time and take a chance to explore the adventurous raft ride on the spectacular Navua River.


Luscious Spice Garden

In the Fiji Spice Garden, you can watch various spices plants and vanilla plantations too. You can take family and kids to this garden where they can explore plants of cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, and cardamom. They have other various species of vegetables and fruit plants too. Yes, this garden indeed is one of the most fascinating tourist spots on the Viti Leu, where you can spend a wonderful time. Apart from that, they have massive vegetation of floral plants, dye plants, and herbal plants too. Therefore, if you want to enjoy amazing vacation time on this island then don’t forget to visit Fiji Spice Garden.

Therefore, these were the best attractions spots located on the wonderful island of Viti Leu. Thus, now it’s your time to plan a wonderful vacation and enjoy your time with your family at Viti Leu.

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