Satisfy The Adventure Enthusiasts in You with 7 fun Activities in Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island. Phuket is a mountainous island filled with rainforests, which is home to exotic flora and fauna. Phuket can also be referred to as ‘Beach Nation’ due to it having some of the most amazing beaches.

The usual tourist beaches are Patong beach, Karon beach, Kata beach, and Kamala beach. But some of the island’s most beautiful beaches are hidden from the regular tourist radar but not from the locals. It is also the ideal destination to shop cheap (a la Phuket City) and Phuket is ‘Party Central’ at Patong. For the best access and mobility, rent bicycles or scooter so that one can easily jump between beaches or go off exploring.

Many fluent English speaking guides can be hired, who will be more than welcome to guide you to the island’s hidden gems. Almost all of the major beaches have resorts built by them, so the beaches are the most accessible for tourists, here at Phuket.

But Phuket, being a tropical rainforest island, is subject to harsh monsoons between mid-May and October. Tourist season is usually high during November to mid-May, when the weather is warm. But enough has been said about the island’s geography.

Don’t you want to know what is the most fun things to do in Phuket ?? Don’t worry because this article aims to describe ‘7 of the most fun and adventurous things to do in Phuket which will undoubtedly leave you pumping with adrenaline’.

1. Exploring Phang Nga Bay
Travel to Phang Nga Bay via launch and explore the island and its islets via kayaking. Do not forget to visit James Bond Island (Koh Ta-Pu or Nail Island), named after the movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ was shot. Apart from that one can also visit Koh Panyee, the local floating fishing village, and kayak under the limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay, the hongs (microcosms) in the region and through caves.

2. Exploring Koh Yao Noi island by scooter

Koh Yao Noi is an islet than capitalizes on fishing, farming, and tourism. One can travel to the island and then explore the island by scooter or bicycle. It provides the best experience as one can cycle or scooter through paddy fields to hidden beaches, with the help of tour guides of course.

3. Get a Helicopter’s eye view
One can get the lay of the island and most of its famous landmarks by taking the helicopter tour. This tour gives one a bird’s eye view of all the happening in Phuket. This is the best experience and a must do if you are an avid photographer.

4. Island Hopping
The next most adventurous thing in the itinerary is island hopping. The first island on the list is Phi Phi island, famous for being the shooting spot of the blockbuster ‘The Beach’. From there one can book a tour to Monkey island, Mosquito island and Pileh Cove. The next island is the infamous coral island, Racha island, which is the ideal place for diving and snorkeling. From there one can travel to Maithon island via catamaran.

5. Ziplining a la Flying Hanuman
One can go ziplining through the rainforest near Patong beach for the maximum adrenaline rush.

6. Play with Elephants
Phuket is filled with elephant sanctuaries where one can bathe and play with elephants, especially the baby elephants. This is a fun experience for both kids and adults.

7. The Phuket FantaSea Show

Last but not least is the FantaSea Show, located at Kamala Beach. It is a huge stage performance which includes Thai dances, acrobats and elephants. It also has a huge in-house restaurant.

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