Safari checklist: Things to pack for your wildlife escapade

Every journey has different experiences and moments to offer. Whether you are traveling to another country or just going for a mini-expedition nearby your house, traveling is something that is filled with many different experiences.

Similarly, going on a safari is something that is fun, adventurous, enthralling, and is an experience that every person should tackle at least once in their life. Great outdoors, new environment, diversity of nature is worth this wildlife adventure. While going on a safari is a great thing, but one shouldn’t leave their home before packing certain things in their backpack they might need during this adventure. Making a packing checklist beforehand your expedition should never hurt as it’s only going to make your travel easier. Given the fact that no one should travel without carrying certain essentials in their bag, you need to pack things carefully.

If you have been planning to go on a safari and have no idea about what all to pack, then you have come to the right place. No matter your destination, while packing for your wildlife escapade, the key is to pack light as you probably will be required to manoeuver a lot. Therefore, pack smartly. We have made a list of some essentials for you that will hopefully make your life easier and your adventure more thrilling and enjoyable.


Of course, clothes are basic and obvious but what you need to know is what particular type of clothes is going to work perfectly for safari. While there’s no such safari dress code but you would want to be in your comfortable best and also to blend in with this new environment. There are certain things you should know while packing your clothes such as avoid wearing bright colors as they will attract attention and that shouldn’t happen when you are trying to blend in, carry comfortable clothes and fabrics that are quick to dry and well ventilated, colors like khaki, beige, and green are the preferred options. Depending on the weather of the place you are visiting, you can carry your clothes accordingly.

  • Layers if it gets chilly during the day or night

  • Undergarment and socks

  • Full-sleeved blouses and shirts

  • Shorts or long pants

  • A raincoat

  • Hat

 Always carry them in numbers as you never know when you will be needing any of these.


The type of shoes you should carry depends on the type of adventure you are planning to undertake. If your escapade involves trekking or hiking, then you will need a pair of sturdy hiking boots so that all that climbing and manoeuvering becomes a lot easier. And if your adventure doesn’t involve any kind of trekking or hiking, then there’s no need for you to pack heavy shoes. However, you will still need to carry a reliable pair of shoes that offer good support and stability. You can also carry a pair of flip flops and sandals if you plan on staying there for a while.

Essentials gadgets

A person certainly cannot do much without their gadgets, especially when it comes to traveling. They can either make or break your trip, which is why you have to be very careful with all your gadgets that you plan on carrying to this expedition. Always double-check them and make sure that you are not sacrificing the quality of all your gadgets. Carry all the necessary batteries, accessories, chargers, lenses, iPad, etc.


For you to be able to capture all the moments and the diverse wildlife, you will need to carry a camera along with you. Whether you want to snap the beautiful scenery and landscape or some wildlife photos, you will always need a good camera for that. No matter how good the picture quality of your camera is, no phone can beat the amazingness of pictures clicked from a good camera. Also, you will need some serious zooming effect while clicking the pictures. Don’t forget to carry extra batteries, charger, lens, and memory card in your camera bag.


Going on a safari without taking the binoculars is just a silly mistake to do. You might be able to see all the animals on a safari-like lion, zebra, giraffe, leopards, colorful birds, and all other enchanting creatures, but they will all be at a distance. You can’t really get close to them, and that’s when and why binoculars are preferred. You can get binocular with a magnification of 8x to 10x for a better experience. Anything beyond that will result in unstable and blurry images, which is completely useless.

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