Reasons why The Philippines should be your next travel destination

The Philippines is one of those countries not many people know about. But as per our understanding, it’s definitely a place that needs to be seen and explored in person to truly witness all the amazing things it has to offer. It’s a land of numerous picturesque locations with many of them being hidden and waiting to be explored. This island-blessed country reminds us of every other amazing destination that has good food, amazing hospitality, great culture, and of course, the friendly people that are always there to make you feel more welcomed and comfortable. The country is packed with bountiful nature that just takes the beauty of this place to a whole new level and also, it is one of the cheapest countries you can visit which is sure to blow your mind away with its many surprising elements.

Without any further ado, let’s take a read through the article where we have listed a few reasons explaining why The Philippines should be next on your bucket list.


The friendly locals

Get ready to be simply amazed by the locals of The Philippines. While you may have met friendly people from all over the world but the locals of The Philippines just exceed your expectations. The most important part of any trip is the locals, the more friendly and welcoming they are the more you will feel at ease and better the experience. And in this case, The Philippines won’t ever leave you disappointed. Filipinos make sure that you feel at home and try to assist you in every possible way right from the moment you step into the land of The Philippines. If you are lucky enough, you may get invited to birthdays, fiestas, or even to gate crash a wedding. Yes, Filipinos are this cool!


Paradisic islands and beaches

One of the best highlights of the country is its gorgeous islands and beaches that are just the perfect way to admire the beauty and nature of The Philippines. Almost every other beach in the country features white sand that creates a very stunning contrast with turquoise water, making for such a scenic and picturesque view. The country comprises of about 7, 107 islands with each one of them equally stunning and truly a paradise in their own way. The country houses some of the most popular beaches that are worldwide popular including a white beach in Boracay which is the queen of all the beaches in The Philippines.


Flora and Fauna

The Philippines witnesses a rich flora and fauna and is also known to have diverse wildlife which consists of many unique and endemic species. From plants and birds to animals and sea creatures, the country gives you abundant opportunities to spots some of its fantastic plants and animal species. Among a vast range of animal species, the tarsier is one of the cutest animals you can ever witness. They are one of the smallest primates in the world and The Philippines give you plenty of opportunity to see them in person.


Cheap liquor

Not only visiting The Philippines is pretty cheap but it also has some of the cheapest liquor in the world. If alcohol is your thing then you’re in luck because the price of the booze here is a lot cheaper than the rest of the countries, meaning that you can indulge in as many liquor sessions as you like.


Pleasant weather

Weather is one of the most important factors to consider before planning a visit to any country but when it comes to The Philippines you won’t have to be worried about that as the country sees pleasant weather throughout the year. It neither gets too cold nor too hot, it always lies somewhere in between, meaning that it’s easy and convenient to adapt yourself to the tropical weather of the country. However, if you ask us, the best time to visit The Philippines is between the months of November and May.

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