Pro tips to avoid getting sick on a vacation

Certainly, you don’t get to know beforehand when you become sick. And it can become very difficult for you to take care of yourself if you are on a trip and you catch some kind of illness. The chances get much higher while you travel as you get exposed to a whole new array of parasites, bugs, and environments. The more and far you travel, the more will increase its probability. So what are the factors that can curb the chance and minimize the chances of this? As we know that prevention is better than cure so try ways that can reduce your exposure to any of the risks we have mentioned above. Keep reading the space to know some of them.

Drink Bottled Water

Probably you are going somewhere where you haven’t gone before, so you may not be knowing the quality of water over there. There might also be a chance that sanitation is not that great. In such cases, we would recommend you to avoid the local tap water over there. Obviously, the locals over the place are used to the local water available, but your stomach might not have the right bacteria to protect you. Even avoid it in the ice drinks as some countries don’t purify their tap water before serving. So try to drink bottled water wherever possible to keep yourself well. Double-check if the seal is intact. Also, brush your teeth by using bottled water.

You can even use a water bottle that has an in-built filter to avoid the hassle of buying them again and again. It helps you save both the money and the environment.

Try to Stay Active

As said for daily routine also, that you should incorporate some kind of exercise. The same is the thing we would tell you when you go for a vacation. Do some kind of exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy and to fight off unwanted infections. It is not like you are not aware of the benefits of exercise. You know it helps in improving your overall health, strengthens your immune system and reduced the chances of getting ill. And in case you do get sick, your body has the ability to fight off infection and get quickly well. The fitter you are, the better your body will be in case of any illness and to avoid it.

Protect Yourself Against the Sun

You don’t want to ruin your travel experience because of a reason that you can protect yourself from. And sunburn can be one of them. So do not ever forget to carry some kind of sun protection with you. It can be in spray form or creme based, that totally depends on your personal choice. But do ensure that it has a minimum SPF of factor 30. You should also try to stay hydrated all the time in case you are traveling to a country or region with a tropical climate, as dehydration can lead to very serious conditions like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, etc. Carry a hat or scarf and adorn some loose clothing.

Wash your Hands

It might sound very basic. But it is surely one of the important steps you should follow as generally, you tend to skip it. This is a key component that helps in controlling infection and so becomes the most essential while you travel. It can reduce the chances of getting vomiting, food poisoning, flu, MRSA, diarrhea drastically. You can even carry hand sanitizers as a backup in case you don’t get good soap and water somewhere. They act as perfect replacements for them. And if possible, wash your hands with hot water. Do it for at least thirty seconds before and after eating.

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