Place of Gorgeous Monasteries and High Altitude- Tibet

Tibet is specifically known for its spiritual aspects, its dedicated monks, morning prayers, monasteries, pilgrims and many more but one cannot ignore the natural beauty of Tibet also, attractive range of the Himalayas and the peaks of Mount Everest is always the prime focus for the tourists. The place is very gorgeous to take photographs. It is one of the calmest places around the world and very dedicated people found here. The Grannies in the houses can be easily seen, waking up early in the morning and chanting & reciting prayers. People around here are very heartwarming and love to welcome their visitors.

Darchen & Mt Kailash: The expensive jewel of Tibet is Mt. Kailash, known for its most powerful spiritual inclinations. This mountain has always been busy with the number of pilgrims and tourists all over the year. The location is continuously spreading with restaurants, hotels and shops as well because of increasing demands. Most of the Indian Pilgrims use to travel this place in the month of June to August due to little affordable weather conditions as there is very cold here in other months and even the roads are blocked due to heavy snowfall and rain as well.

Potala Palace: Potala Palace has always been the residence of Dalai Lamas from many years. It is also the place of Tibetan Government affairs. The amazing structure of the palace, stunning sight of its towers and fortress is worth remembering for a lifetime. This is an extraordinary piece of architecture giving competition to the very modern standards. This palace consists of thirteen floors in the whole building and these floors have been made by 1000 rooms inside. Dozens of golden stupas, many prayer halls and glorious chapels are part of this journey to Potala Palace.

Jokhang Temple: Jokhang Temple is almost thirteen hundred years old and recognized as the religious heart of Tibet and a very popular place to visit among the pilgrims which are an enduring beauty. The main focused and devotional thing is the Lord Buddha’s image at the very Centre of the Temple. It was once brought by the queen of King Songtsen Gampo’s wife from Nepal. The best time to travel this temple is in the morning because at the other times of the day the glance of the Buddha statue from the side entrance.

Everest Base Camp: This place actually very important from environment point of view as due to the huge crowd here. This place was seemed to be very dirty from a little time that’s why the actions have been taken to remove 8 tons of garbage. The entrance of the tourists has been restricted at the Tibet’s Everest Base Camp in the night time and the camping is also not allowed here. Visitors here can only visit the Rongphu Monastery, three kilometres far from the technical climbing camp place.


You may not find a day or three to be enough when visiting this place. In order to enjoy and explore all the magnificent sceneries, pilgrims and Everest base camps, one would need ample time to get all the right feels of it. With all the exhaustion that comes with the day from traveling and exploring one would like to stay at a place that not only looks nice and comfortable but also feels like you are staying at your own place. And you just can’t ask for anything better than that. We have found some home rental places via VRBO you would love to stay at to get all those homey vibes.

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