Perfect Travel Checklist for a Pregnant Woman

During pregnancy, there are a lot of things that one must pay attention to. You need to relax the most that you can during this period and forget everything else. If you are planning a trip while you are pregnant, you need to be very careful in choosing your destination, flight timings, food, and liquids, etc. Here is a checklist of some of the most important things that one needs to keep in mind before planning this trip. Have a look-


Choose a relaxing destination

While you are pregnant, you need to relax the most that you can. This is imperative and also the need of the hour. Carrying a life in your womb is not a joke and therefore deserves all the attention in the world. While choosing where to go for your vacation while you are pregnant, you must pay heed to some things like what you really want to do on this vacation. Are you going there for shopping, sightseeing or simply relaxing? If you ask us, you must head to a place that helps you in relaxing at your best. This is of significance because this time requires extra care and effort from your side. So, you must make sure that you choose a destination that not only helps you be at peace but also makes way for a relaxing mind and body. Pick a beach or a secluded island. Book yourself a private villa and relax the time off.


Time your trip wisely

The general rule for traveling while pregnant applies that you should go on-board during the second trimester. This is the best time to travel as it is the safest and secure out of all. The thing is that during the first trimester, you might feel nauseous or might want to puke at times. So, with such a feeling, traveling is definitely going to worsen it and thus, it is not a great idea. On the other hand, in the third trimester, doctors do not advise traveling because it won’t be safe for the baby. So, the best time to do so is in the second trimester. To avoid any kind of complications and problems, one must pay attention to the doctor’s advice and then, plan the trip accordingly.


Choose an Aisle Seat

While you are pregnant, you go through sudden moods and hormonal changes that in turn reflect in your behavior and body too. If you are booking a flight for your next vacation, you must pay attention to the seat as well. It is advised to book your seat strategically, keeping in mind the complications you might face. Always request a seat in the bulkhead or opt for the aisle spot to make frequent bathroom trips. During pregnancy, you might want to visit the restroom and pee much more than usual. Therefore, an aisle seat will be your ultimate savior. It will also minimize your motion sickness and make you feel comfortable throughout the trip. Thus, an aisle seat is the aptest choice to have all the freedom for yourself.


Pack a travel medical Kit

Along with the medicines that you carry on a regular vacation, this travel kit is imperative. A travel medical kit is a must for pregnant women and can be more conveniently referred to as a ‘pregnancy survival kit’. All the travelers should carry this kit and make sure that it contains every little thing that you might need for facing contingency situations. While traveling, you need to make sure that you carry anti-nausea bands as well as prenatal vitamins that are important for the body during this time. You should also make sure to take along a copy of your prenatal records and medical notes so that they can be used as a reference in some other country, just in case.


Pack as light as possible

A pregnant woman’s body is already going through so much and it does not require a further burden of carrying a heavy bag. First of all, you should make sure to carry a stroller bag or a trolley bag that you won’t stress you or burden you. The next thing is to put minimal things in this bag. Do not pack everything because if you are traveling alone, this heavy bag would take a toll on you and might turn out to be risky. Dragging a heavy suitcase is also not advised so make sure that you pack as light as possible. This is the best way to remain relaxed during the entire trip. Also, pack healthy snacks along and have a great time on-board.

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