Opulent lakeside hotels around the world

Whenever we start planning a vacation, we look for the various sight-seeing options at that particular destination and then decide further. For summers, one of the key points that we look for in a destination is beaches and lakes around. The sole reason for this is to have a nice refreshing dip in the lake or swim at the beach when the sun is right above our heads. It is the most wonderful way to relax on a vacation and beat the scorching heat. There are a lot of luxurious spots and resorts around the world which are situated just next to a lake for your convenience. It adds to the beauty of a resort and staying there is a definite yes! We’ve handpicked some of the most opulent lake-side hotels that you must book for your next vacation-


Queensland is known as the country’s adventure capital because it is residence to some of the most heart-pounding activities. The luxurious Azur Lodge sits peacefully just next to the lake and you can enjoy a breathtaking view right from your room. It is a perfect spot for all the backpackers who are on an adventurous trip. The lodge is absolutely stunning with its picturesque scenic beauty. Bunjee jumping and zip lining are also prominent in this area. So, if you plan on visiting Queenstown, you should book your rooms in advance and have the taste of luxury in style.


Located in the town of Blevio, Lake Como is a very spectacular place to be. It is a 5-star luxury where you can just sit at the wooden decks of the resort and enjoy the beautiful lake view. Go for a dip in the lake or the pool at this resort and have a refreshing time all by yourself. This property is extremely lavish with its intricate aesthetics and artistically decorated rooms. If all you want to do is get lost in the beauty of nature while enjoying extreme luxury, then you should definitely book a room at this property.


New York is a dream city for everyone but if you can’t live there, you can definitely go on a vacation there. The mirror lake boasts a panoramic view of the Adirondack mountains. It is called a mirror lake because the lake is so beautiful and clean that you can literally see your reflection through it. It is a luxurious discovery with historic features. There are indoor and outdoor pools as well along with a beach side setting for a relaxed evening. The Adirondack mountain stares back beautifully at the resort and is such a delight to watch. Grab a chair and gaze through the large windows in the evening! 


Switzerland is the most romantic place of all time. And this hotel is a consistent host for many celebrities because of its picturesque lakeside location. It has a very interesting history attached to it. This particular property has the ownership of one family which has been running for five generations now. What a charm it would be to live at this historic place right? It is lavish with a well-equipped amenities list like spa and sauna, concerts and festivals. You can never get bored here. Even if there are no ongoing events, just step out and sit in the open to enjoy the gorgeous lake that reflects the hotel’s beauty.


Surrounded by rocky mountains, this beautiful emerald lake lodge sits right in the center with its charming beauty. The rooms are built keeping in mind the aesthetics of a forest and features a wood-burning fireplace in every room. Fishing and swimming is very popular at the emerald lake during the hot summer season. The water is refreshingly cold thus accounts for a perfect summer vacation getaway. For the winter season, ice-skaters put their steps forward. It resides in the heart of the Yoho National Park and is very historic.

So before you start searching for the best exotic places in the world, consider our lakeside hotels for ultimate luxury. You will definitely have a priceless time at these places and thank us later!

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