One Day Travel Guide To The Swiss Capital Bern

On the trip to Switzerland definitely dig the lesser-known but amazingly breath-taking city Bern. Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to explore an overwhelming city but Bern is of perfect size that makes an idyllic city break. You can cover most of the grounds in the city in no time flat and keep the rest of your days occupied for some other Swiss charm.

One of the most incredible traits of visiting Bern is that everything is so much convenient just at a walking distance from each other, great for the ones who are just the beginner to the country. The petite capital city is bestowed with jaw-dropping natural scenery, spectacular turquoise color River Aare, splendid architecture, buzzing streets, unique culture, appetizing gastronomy, friendly locals, pristine botanical gardens, pleasant parks, living history, and picturesque bridges spanning the River Aare all this embedded within the compact space. Unlike what most capital city sounds the Swiss capital is very different from not that obvious crowd, buzz, and chaos the city serves a perfect getaway.

If you’re looking forward to exploring the Swiss capital city Bern and wondering about what things you can do in one day? Well, then you’ve clicked the right feed. The feed will introduce you to amazingly fun activities you can engage even in such a shortest length.



If there is to one place that surely needs your time has to be the spectacular rose garden Rosengarten, which promises to soak you in an edible experience and fragrance. We all know how much we love the fragrance of our rose perfumes, right? Now imagine yourself in a rose garden with fragrance all around, wow that’s amazingly soothing. You can spot more than 250 varieties of roses and but more than the variety what captivates is the view. You can stroll around the park; relish a Photo walk you’ll surely capture some colorful feed for your Instagram.
Here, is one travel tip, have an early wakeup call fixed to visit this place and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view. You can’t dare to miss this place.


Munster Platform

For an amazingly jaw-dropping scenery that will elevate the glory of your entire Bern itinerary head straight to the Munster Platform. The view exuded from the Munster Platform is really great and for that amazing view of the city, you’ve to climb the 222 steps of Bern Munster Spanning the River Aare you can even browse some superb river views and get engaged in fun yet appealing riverside activities. You can spend secluded hours of your trip in the park, you can step inside the magnificent stonework, you have the option to dine, enjoy a picnic, or if nothing, you can walk around the park.


Go Swimming in the River Aare

River Bern is a true Swiss charm. You can spot a unique culture spinning around the River Aare, which you can’t miss peeking through. The water is crystal clear and incredibly clean. And usually, locals love to swim in the river, and aptly you can also wet your feet into swimming in the spectacular River Aare. For a fancy pitch, you can even sail a dinghy (known as ‘gummy boat’) down the river. It would be a fun experience visiting the River Aare, getting in and out of the water.


Explore the Einstein Museum

You can spot the reference of Einstein all around the city, but the Einstein Museum is the main feature of the city. The Einstein museum is located in the Bern’s Historical Museum and depicts the life of Einstein from start to the end. It would be quite a fascinating moment to explore and to get a sneak peek into the life of such an iconic personality of the world. Einstein completed his studies in Zurich and later spent his days in Bern developing the theory of relativity. So, it would not be wrong to say that Bern is the birthplace of the theory of relativity.


The Bears of Bern

Bear Park is nearly stretched over 6,000 square meters. The park is situated on the bank of River Aare, and where you can spot bear roaming around freely. The bears are the emblem of the city and thus they have been designated a special swimming area in the river which you can witness in Bear Park.

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