Most Splendid Mountain Ranges in the World

Mountains have always been the most spectacular part of nature and their existence is definitely a delight to the eyes. If nothing else, they offer such splendid views and makes us feel at peace and full of tranquility. Some of the best mountain ranges in the world are worth our visit at least once in a lifetime. If you are set to embark on this journey, carry your camera along because it is going to be one of the most photogenic and spectacular sights ever seen!


The Alps, Switzerland

Alps is the most famous and largest mountain range in Europe. Majorly residing in Switzerland, they cover as many countries and parts of France, Italy, Germany, Austria and some more. This is definitely one of the most magnificent sights in Europe and is also one of the most gorgeous ones in the whole world. If you are all set to uncover the beauty of nature in its most divine form, then this is your one-stop for everything glorious. This Alpine range in Switzerland is preferred by most of the travelers because it looks extremely gorgeous all covered in snow peaks. It is a great place to walk through the glorious mountain ranges, click pictures with your family, come face to face with so much snow and greenery around. You can also ride a cable car and explore this Swiss trail.


The Rockies, the USA to Canada

This is another gigantic mountain range that covers an area of around 3000 miles from Canada to Mexico in America. This enormous mountain range is truly god’s gift from heaven because it is just so gorgeous. If you look at it from a distance, you will be amazed by this beauty. It stands tall at a height of 13,000 feet in all its glory and overlooks some of the most divine sights ever. There are so many things that you can explore on the foot of this gigantic range like renowned national parks, monuments, and some wildlife centered areas. Since this one lies on the border of the USA and Canada, it is accessible to the people from both countries. The Rockies is a great site to explore and have a taste of nature’s beauty. Set on foot or explore this on a bike for the ultimate experience.


The Himalayas, India

The Himalayas are the most spectacular mountain range in the world. They are legendary and have such a breathtaking sight that anyone who has seen them is a fan. Home to Earth’s tallest peak Mount Everest, the Himalayas has the ability to take your breath away. It has gained a lot of admiration from the entire world for a lot of reasons and that’s why this is a must-visit mountain range. The sight of this one will be one of the most unforgettable sights in the world and no matter where you look, every landscape is worth seeing here. It is full of lush greenery and you will also spot a lot of diverse culture people and wildlife there.


The Pyrenees, France to Spain

A chain of mountains stretching from France to Spain, this is one of the most gorgeous ranges in the world. Blessing the border of France and Spain, this peak is over 11,100 feet tall and is definitely worthy of your visit. There are so many attractions in France and Spain that we are overwhelmed by talking about this one. The Pyrenees extend from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea and look so enormous and beautiful all the time. This distance of about 270 miles is absolutely incredible and features glacier fields, rocky peaks as well as palm and oak trees. You will also spot some diverse wildlife and a famous breed of dogs here called the Great Pyrenees. Such a delightful intersection of mountains and greenery. The Pyrenees is a handful of beauty.


The Andes, Peru

How could this one not be on the list? The Andes is the most breathtaking panoramic mountain sight in the world and is definitely worth every visit. Stretching from the west coast of South America to Panama, this distance of 4500 miles is covered by this glorious range. It makes the Andes the longest mountainous chain in the world. It passes through seven countries and thus, offers a lot of places to explore. You can explore the local villages surrounding the Andes in all these countries and thus taste the culture of each one. This one features a lot of mountains, some of which are glaciers and some are snowy peaks. The Andes will surpass all your expectations and give you the best sight ever!

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