Mauritius- An Array of Romantic Spots

Mauritius has always been the most romantic destination in the world. There is no doubt about the fact that its vibe is absolutely contagious and offers the most breathtaking moments of your life. If you are heading to this island nation, you should be prepared to leave your heart there. This Island nation boasts the most spectacular views and gives a lot of opportunities to have the most romantic time with your partner. This island is sure to dazzle you so get ready to visit some of the most romantic places here. Here is a list of the most unmissable places in Mauritius that must be visited while you are there-


Flic-en-Flac Beach

Mauritius is itself one of the most romantic island nations in the world and is known for its collection of some of the most gorgeous beaches. There are so many uncountable beaches with a long stretch of sands and palm trees on the shoreside and sunset in the backdrop. With such an atmosphere, you are bound to fall in love with this place. Flic-en-Flac is one of the most romantic beaches out of the lot and is famed for its perfect picturesque sunsets. Although sunsets are beautiful everywhere in the world, this place has some other vibe to it. Also being the longest beach on this island, it is home to some luxury resorts too. You can make your access to a nice resort and watch the sky turn pink in the evening. Have a fine dine on the shoreside and watch the sky turn pale amidst the stars.


Ile d’Ambre

If you are looking for a fun and romantic getaway like a water tour, then this one is going to satisfy you like nothing else. Ile d’Ambre is located off the northeast coast and covers an area of 100 hectares with water everywhere. It also features a mangrove-forested area that you can explore by a two-person boat. The best thing about this place is its picturesque views and penetrating forested area covered with water. You can have a really fun time with your loved ones or as a couple. Hire this two-person kayak and head to this place for the most tranquil getaway. Spend some quality time or go sunbathing. This hidden place is definitely a gem in Mauritius and one of the most romantic places ever.


Pamplemousses garden

Scattered over an area of 37 hectares, this garden is definitely an unmissable romantic attraction in Mauritius. If you are looking for some alone time with your partner in the most gorgeous surroundings, then this is it. Famed for its beauty and views, Pamplemousses garden is also the oldest botanical garden here. It is popular around the globe and everyone who has ever visited Mauritius hasn’t come back without having a stroll in this garden. This splendid garden offers the most beautiful scenic views with so many colorful flowers, lush green plants featuring baobab trees, medicinal plants as well as water lilies. This magical scenery is definitely worth visiting and calls for the most amazing time of your trip!


Alexandra Falls

If you are someone who feels the thrill of being near a waterfall, then this place is a must-visit for you. Alexandra falls have been one of the most popular places in Mauritius for the sole reason that they are so gigantic and gorgeous! Located in the higher Plaines Champagne, Alexandra falls is a part of a National Park situated in the Black River district. This waterfall is truly a delight to the eyes with its 500 feet height. It is the highest waterfall on the island and thus, calls for your visit. This site is just so enormous and beautiful that you will love to gaze at it in awe. This is truly nature’s paradise and stuns every time we look at it. If you are a couple who loves to admire the beauty of nature, then this panoramic site will conquer your heart for sure.


Ile Aux Cerfs

This one is popularly known as the Treasure Island and cannot be missed on your trip to Mauritius. By far the most romantic places of this island nation, you will love to spend time here with your partner. Everything is so beautiful and calm here that you will indulge in the peaceful vibes and would not want to come back. This picturesque getaway features a long stretch of white sands, long line of palm trees and crystal clear turquoise waters. If nothing else, you can spend a lot of time just gazing at this view. Visit with your partner for the most amazing vibes, have your dinner near the shore and live the night off! During the day, go parasailing or just grab a brew and take a dip in the water. A perfect relaxation spot!

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