Malaysia- Explore the land of diverse culture

A country in Southeast Aisa, this diverse culture country is one of the most gorgeous ones in the world. It is known for its phenomenal cities with historic stories, tropical rainforests, mouth-watering cuisines, and some worldly renowned sites. If you are in Malaysia, you will get to witness the most exotic vibe ever because it has so much to offer. This trip is going to be the most unforgettable one for you if you visit the following places as the first thing in Malaysia. Explore this diverse culture land and remember it forever.


Kuala Lumpur

Famous for being the federal capital of Malaysia and home to the skylining Petronas twin towers, Kuala Lumpur is one of the first places that you should go to. Malaysia has a lot to offer when it comes to history, culture, and entertainment. This capital city has everything to offer and how! With so many busy and playful markets, cobbled streets with culture and tempting restaurants, Kuala Lumpur has aced in being a metropolis city. It is known for its vibrant culture as well as skyscraper buildings that will take your breath away. This site is spectacular and should not be missed for anything. You can explore a lot of places in Kuala Lumpur, the best being China town and the Golden Triangle. China town is a popular spot for tourists and the Golden Triangle features the famous Petronas towers.



Langkawi is basically an archipelago of 99 islands that have come together to form one giant Langkawi. If you look at it from an aerial view, you are going to be spellbound because it is just so gorgeous. There is so much one can do here because it is a hub of some exotic resorts, long stretch beaches, and scenic landscapes. Langkawi has always been a popular spot for tourists and attracts a lot of them in huge numbers every year. Probably, the vibe of this place is something else. Anyone who is looking for luxury and peace can head to the opulent resorts and hotels that reside in Langkawi. On the other hand, if anyone is looking for adventure and fun, they can head to the beach and hire boats for a stroll in the sea. Everything is delightful here with such a picturesque backdrop.



Fondly known as the food capital in Malaysia, this gorgeous town is one of the most popular spots for tourists. There are a lot of famous places here that are worth the visit. If you are in Penang, you must visit its soft sand beaches that offer the most breathtaking views of nature. It is actually popular for three things: mouth-watering food, soft sand beaches, and historic George town. The diverse culture of this place has managed to attract a lot of tourists who love to spend time here and explore the culture and values of local people. If you actually wish to explore this gorgeous island, just put on your shoes and walk through the streets. You can also take a trishaw ride and have a fun time indulging in the gothic atmosphere here. George town is the foremost place you should visit for British colonial architecture and temples.



A blend of modern and ancient culture with some historic and contemporary vibes, this place offers the best of both worlds. After the subsequent ruling by the British, Portuguese and Dutch, this place has found its peace and has been a diligent showstopper of rich culture and heritage. It has so much written in the pages of history that you will feel like you have traveled back in time. Colonial buildings and gothic cathedrals mark the vibe of this place and thus, this place calls for a great tourist spot. It has all the possible culture vibes, traditional festivals as well as mouth-warming cuisines for your delightful visit. Malacca is definitely worthy of your time and visit. You cannot come back from Malaysia without visiting this one!


Gunung Mulu National Park

Famous for its extraordinary features, this national park is one of the most gorgeous attractions in Southeast Asia. This has grabbed a lot of attention and admiration for its unique cave system and limestone formations. The big deal about this national park is that it has one of the longest cave systems in the world. Being a UNESCO site, it is known for its spectacular views and landscape in the backdrop. You can explore this one for the ultimate fun and adventure of your life. Stroll through the lush greenery and penetrating jungles for the most phenomenal experience ever. One of the best attractions here is the Sarawak Chamber which is the world’s largest chamber and claims to hold 40 Boeing 747 aircraft.

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