Let’s Explore Asia: Destinations That Complete Your Asian Itinerary

Traversing Asia can soak you with some great indelible experiences. Asia is bestowed by nature with the best and jaw-dropping scenery that you can’t navigate anywhere else. This corner of the world is huge; with a vast array of 48 countries, it offers a varied platter of unique architecture, culture, history, climate, and tradition. The place is perfect for the avant-garde travelers who want to seek everything from one place. You can surely find some really great sensuous and spellbinding off-beat destinations and crowded yet surreal tourist spots as this slice of the world savors every desire of the world’s traveler and gives you an impeccable itinerary.

Whether you consider the prices, iconic places, a dose of adventure, or an ambiguous trek to the history and culture of Asia is a complete package. It’s a paradise even for the budget travelers who want to dive into the world-class beauty without breaking the bank and undoubtedly Asia is the place to be.

If you’re planning to visit Asia but are confused about how to plan your itinerary and how to cover the exquisite of the place in the shortest possible time, this feed would be really great help. Here, we have compiled the striking places in Asia that would be worth for your itinerary.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The metropolis city of Malaysia is the dream destination for travelers around the world. The skyscrapers, appetizing cuisine, captivating scenery, contemporary skyline with 451m tall PETRONAS Twin Towers, Islamic motif, rich cultural diversity, buzzing streets, sizzling nocturnal this place is full of surprises. The top places to visit in Kuala Lumpur are a vast list. But, some of the amazing things you can do are; duck into Batu Caves, enjoy a panoramic vista of the city KL Tower, dive into the rich history at the Islamic Arts Museum, distort at Sri Mahamariaman Hindu Temple, stodge the street food, explore the markets, and stroll around the Berjaya Times Square theme park. The place surely deserves to be on the top of your bucket list.


Bohol, Philippines

Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines that offers you a vast stretch to invade! The place is a perfect spot for adventure lovers who have that adventure bone in their body that just refuses to be convinced. The picturesque jungle life of the place is full of an amazing adventure that you would have never explored before. The island brims with endless activities that no one is to blame you if you wish to never leave the place. You can plunge into astonishing and fun actions such as river cruising, cave exploring, diving, snorkeling, waterfall climbing, ziplining, and whatnot. Bohol is the perfect spot for an escape from the usual life.


Gili Islands, Indonesia

Another Asian gem, Gili Islands is surely love at first sight. The crystal blue water all around, pristine beaches, spectacular coral reef, rich marine life, laid back vibe, serenity, affordable accommodation, and infinite adventure activities this place surely deserves to be the most iconic spots of Asia. The infinite activities that you can satiate your adventure bone with are snorkeling, scuba diving; hiking the Gili Trawangan-the highest point, spearfishing, and enjoying the epic and captivating beach sunset. Besides the fun activities, you can savor the appetizing seafood and ice-cold Bintang beer.


Siem Reap, Cambodia

The place offers a dug into the rich and oldest history dating back to the year 802 to the travelers around the world. The temples of Angkor Wat are the highlighting feature of the place but that’s not all there are plenty of other attractive things to engage in. From a living history experience at the temples of Angkor Wat, a hot air balloon outing, to exploring the land mine Museum the place is sure to bound you with a sulit experience.

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