Land of Rich Culture and Ancient History – South Korea

Country of deep hospitality and people who welcome their guests with sweet gestures can be found only in South Korea. Its unique yet indifferent beauty spread in each corner of the country is worth to attract many tourists. The tribes of Korea are really wonderful to spend time with. You would definitely pass many stunning landscapes, forests and other attractions but still, Korea is about knowing its people and cherish their hospitality. The very simple yet wonderful atmosphere would not let you leave this place so early. The beautiful destination for travelling here are mentioned here:

Changdeokgung: Changdeokgung is part of UNESCO World Heritage as the most beautiful palaces among 5 palaces of Seoul. The location of this palace is very beautiful facing a small watercourse and mountain at the backside of it. It was not a primary palace at the beginning but due to the destruction of Gyeongbokgung, the Royal people shifted to this palace. This is now a popular tourist attraction.

Hwaseong Haenggung: It was the Palace of King Jeongjo which was built when the king went to visit the tomb of his father. This was maximumly destroyed in the colonial period of Japanese but again reconstructed & restored and opened for the public entry later on. Many kinds of celebrations and performances use to be held here. Changing of the guard ceremony and martial arts display sessions are the major attractions here.

Boryeong Mud Festival: In the month of July the Boryeong festival is the most stunning attraction for the tourists as well as natives. This festival was started in 1998 to make aware the people about the benefits of mud to the health because the South Korean soil is found very rich in Germanium and many minerals. People just love to get wet in this mud. Korean native students and international also are the big lovers of this festival. Daecheon beach is the main focused venue for this celebration.


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