Kenya- A bliss for Nature Lovers

Home to so many national parks offering savanna safaris, Kenya is one of the most distinct places on earth. Wildlife safaris being the top attraction, it also offers really spectacular views of long stretch deserts and penetrating forests. The country is also equally vibrant and offers cultural heritage vibes and tribal feel too. If you are looking forward to a blend of culture and adventure, you must visit this place for the most amazing time of your life! This will truly be a journey to remember.


Masai Mara National Reserve

Fond of animals and exotic wildlife? Head to the most popular national reserve in Kenya for the best wildlife in view. This one is one of the top-rated attractions in Kenya for the prime reason that it is home to some of the most unseen migrated animals and birds. It houses millions of animals that are migratory and come out in their natural habitat from July to October. This is also the Great Migration period and if you want to witness this beautiful change in nature, then you must visit this national reserve during this period. Thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and Thomson’s gazelle migrate from Tanzania and can be spotted here easily. This extremely popular game park is definitely worth a visit.


Lamu Island

This small island of Lamu is an archipelago as well as the oldest living town in Kenya. A UNESCO World Heritage Site that this one is, you will be surprised to visit this one because it is literally so gorgeous. With alleyways and footpaths instead of roads and streets, pretty buildings and lively people- you can have a great day spent here. The architecture and build of every structure here take us back in time and actually awakens the historic vibes. You will spot perfect vintage structures here with coral stone buildings and verandas along with rooftop patios for a great evening as well. Lamu old town is a great place to witness the true values and culture of Kenya. Since there are no roads here, tourists and residents travel by foot or by boat.


Amboseli National Reserve

Featuring the highest peak in Kenya- Mount Kilimanjaro, this national reserve has every reason to be explored. Amboseli national reserve is one of the most popular places for this reason and some more. Since the word itself means salty dust, this area is also a vast land of parched conditions. There are so many things that you can spot here including wild animals like elephants, giraffe, impala, gazelle, and some more exotic species. All of them are in a countless number along with 600 more species of birds. You can explore a huge variety of wildlife here and so, nature lovers will feel super lucky to visit this place. The park is also famous for letting you get close to free-ranging elephants. Along with this exotic wildlife, you can have spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro in the backdrop too!


Tsavo National Park

The largest national park in Kenya, Tsavo National Park is a major tourist place because of its spectacular scenic views. This is also one of the largest parks in the world and so, you must visit this place at least once. The views here are amazing, the wildlife is in a countless number and the landscape is worth dying for. Since this is a huge park, it has two divisions namely Tsavo West and Tsavo East. Both of them have their own diverse features and are different from each other. Tsavo West has a gorgeous view with beautiful volcanic scenic and Tsavo East has an open savannah and safaris to offer. This is definitely a great place for nature lovers as well as wildlife lovers. You should not miss this chance to explore such a distinct beauty. Head to this national park any time of the year and explore it fully!


Lake Nakuru National Park

Famous for its pink flamingoes, this place is a new definition of beauty. If you go to this place, you are going to come back with a heart full of memories because it is just so gorgeous! This national park boasts a record of housing more than 450 birds along with rich wildlife too. There is so much one can explore here along with some really unseen views. It was built in 1961 and has been a popular tourist spot ever since. If you are in Kenya, you must not visit this site of gorgeous pink flamingoes scattered over Lake Nakuru. This view is spectacular and is just like one dreamy destination. Sadly, due to pollution and lack of ecosystem, these flamingoes are slowly diminishing. Head to this place to have a view of these gorgeous flamingoes before its too late.

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