Indulge in the Gothic vibe of Romania

With so much to offer in architecture and history, Romania has more in store for you with its picturesque buildings and landscapes. There are a lot of beautiful medieval towns that showcase art and culture, European buildings with a long-gone history as well as some ancient monasteries. Romania has always been the talk of the town because of its beauty and charming scenic but little did we know that Romania is definitely worth your visit for a lot more things! If you plan to visit this place, you are going to remember it forever for everything beautiful! Visit these cities and have the best taste of culture in Europe.



Known as ‘the Little Paris’ in Romania, this is one of the first places that one must visit here. Europe is full of prized possessions and all of them have something unique in them. Bucharest is the country’s capital and is known for a lot of things. The famous one being the gigantic parliament building that has surpassed all levels of beauty and architecture. It is the largest parliament building on earth! If there is one place in Romania that will give you a gist of the entire country, it would be Bucharest. You can explore a lot of sightseeing attractions here like gothic museums, historical buildings as well as lavish nightlife! This commercial centre is home to a lot of gorgeous churches, playful parks as well as trendy cafes. Visit this one for the best of both worlds.



Brasov is one of the most visited and popular tourist destinations in Romania. It is a plethora of beautiful attractions, scenic landscapes, and rich culture. Anyone looking for all these things will find the best taste in Brasov. Blessing Romania with its existence, it is definitely one of the most charming cities there. History and culture have found home in Romania and have given a new definition to Europe. Romania is home to the towering Black Church which is world-famous for its gothic architecture. This 13-century church will have you awestruck in wonder! Another major attraction here is Dracula’s castle which is another historic building. Both these places are likely to give you goosebumps. Explore them as a part of your trip and you are going to remember it for a long time.




Straddling the Cibin River in Transylvania, Sibiu is considered the most gorgeous place in terms of culture and heritage. If you could pick one place in Romania with the best culture and values, it would be Sibiu. It features a lot of cobbled streets with European culture in full view. It is also home to the best baroque squares and gothic cathedrals. Everything you do here has something to do with art and culture. Sibiu has a unique appeal with attracts everyone from around the world. Not to miss out on art and theatre, this place features a lot of museums, theatre shows, opera as well as playful exhibitions with artsy collections. Do not miss out on this beautiful city in Romania. It is bliss for every art lover out there.



The third-largest city in the country, Timisoara is one of the most beautiful cities in terms of scenic views. Even if you are walking around this place, you will experience a great vibe here. This is because of the presence of some beautiful gardens and parks that are open to the public. You can visit with your family and friends for the most fun time. It also has a lot of public squares full of the bustling crowd simply strolling around, enjoying the weather and exploring the neighbourhood. Go shopping or eat at their fancy restaurants during the day. Timisoara is also a great host of night parties and dining. It is going to give you the best of everything.



Playful and lively that it is, Sighisoara is a must-visit for anyone who is in Romania. This old town is nothing old and everything young and happy. This place is truly one of a kind and there is nothing like it. You will have the happiest vibes whilst exploring this old town because it has a lot of cobbled streets that penetrate into pastel-coloured buildings. With small public squares and colourful structures, everything is pretty and colourful here. Sighisoara certainly paints a pretty and heavenly picture in our minds with its lively vibe. A showstopper for artisan shops and cute cafes on every corner, Sighisoara feels like you have stepped in a fairytale world.

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