Hungary: Home to the most Gorgeous Cities in Europe

Being one of the most popular countries in Eastern Europe, Hungary is famous for a lot of things. This place is truly a dreamy one and is also a hot spot destination for tourists around the world. Anyone who plans a trip to Europe does not let go of Hungary just like that. If you are here, you must explore the most amazing cities in its boundaries. Check them out-


The Capital city: Budapest

Possibly the most visited city in Hungary, this iconic capital has all the reasons to deserve the most time of your trip. With such a vibrant feel in its boundaries, Budapest is home to some of the most gothic architectures as well as historic sites that are waiting to be tapped by you. It holds the entire historic and cultural progress of the nation within it and if you are willing to dwell into it, this is your place to be. With excitement and radiance, you should be ready to unfold the pages of this place because it will grab your heart like nothing else. This gorgeous capital houses a lot of commendable attractions and the main highlights being Fisherman’s Bastion and the gigantic Parliament building. As fascinating is Budapest to read about, as much it is to explore. You will have the best time of your vacation exploring the most vibrant city in Hungary!


An artistic Getaway: Szentendre

Just 20 kilometers away from the iconic city of Budapest, this city gives a whole new definition to art and passion. If you are not that much into history, then you are the other type. This city is exactly what you might be looking for in Hungary. With its vibrant moods, cobbled streets, and colorful buildings, Szentendre is hands down the most picturesque city in Hungary. The best feature of this city is the line of gorgeous houses everywhere. The entire city is lit with colorful Baroque houses that are not only worth the view but also great for the pictures that you wish to take back home. Another gem in Hungary, this town houses some really interesting art galleries, museums and architectural buildings for your entertainment.


The one with the best wine: Eger

Eger is known for producing Hungary’s best red wine known as ‘Bikaver’ which means Bull’s Blood. This iconic wine is the most popular thing you will find in Eger and this is one of the prime reasons why this place attracts a lot of tourists. You must head to a pub and taste this wine as the first thing in Eger. Apart from this, the city is a gorgeous place to explore. It is also full of Baroque houses in colorful tones which further adds to the vibe. The unique thing about this place is that it also offers a deep digging history in it and that is why we are amazed at the contrast of surprises it leaves us with. If you are in Eger, dig deep into history, try the wine, go for a Turkish bath session and visit the huge basilica. The things that define this place are totally worth visiting!


The best of both worlds: Pecs

This is one of the most popular cities in Hungary because it offers a plethora of everything you are looking for. Situated in the southwest of the country with a long history of over 2000 years, this one is the perfect definition of day and night fun. Have a nice tranquil time during the day, appreciate the architecture and admire the heritage sites. During the night time, head to a fancy pub and taste the best nightlife in Hungary. This place offers a contrast of both the things and this is what we love about it. It houses a lot of architectural sites that are visited for the sole reason that they relate to the ancient periods. If you are here, you must visit them all and know more about the gorgeous land of Hungary. After you are done with it, enjoy a youthful vibe at night. Definitely, a place to remember!


The Historical Village: Tihany

Not really a city in Hungary, but a really pretty village outside Hungary. It is totally worth visiting because of the picturesque views it offers. After you are done exploring Budapest, the next thing you should do is explore this gorgeous town of Tihany. Sitting right next to the Lake Balaton, Tihany is known for its Abbey with a gorgeous 18th Century frescoes and museums in its boundaries. It is called the historical village because its existence is very old and so, you have the opportunity to escape the madness of the city by wandering around this tiny town of Tihany. Thatched roof houses and gorgeous landscape views define this place the best!

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