How to survive in an economy seat while traveling?

If you are not the one to splurge your money on flights and are thinking of saving your money, then you would obviously choose an economy seat for your next destination. If this is your first flight travel in the economy seat, then you need to know that this is a tricky challenge. You can have the best experience of your life and even the worst if you do not pay attention to minute details. Here we have listed some of the ways to survive the economy seat easily. Have a look!


Bring your own Headphones

The economy seat is the cheapest seat undoubtedly but it can also turn out to be your worst experience ever. If you are traveling by flight for the first time then you should always make sure that you make efforts to make this experience worthwhile. There is no way that you can have a lot of comfort in this seat but you can always try to distract yourself. For the prep, make sure that you always carry your headphones along. Do not wait for the plane to offer you these services. Make sure you carry your own entertainment unit like headphones, i-pad or Bluetooth filled with your favorite series and songs to help you survive through this economy flight. Moreover, the headphones that economy airlines offer are not of good quality and might hurt your ears.


Choose your seats strategically

Even if you are traveling by the economy class, you should make sure that you choose the seat with the most comfort. You must be thinking that every economy class seat looks the same and offers the same. but if you believe us, there are some seats that are more comfortable than the others. So, you should research a bit and then make prior bookings for a comfortable flight. Do not book your flight blindly, pay attention to the seats as well. For instance, you might want to consider selecting an exit row seat for more legroom. This can turn out to be a comfortable one. If you do not want legroom, you can also opt for the aisle seat for proper breathing and great views.


Dress not to impress

While flying, you should anyway dress in the most comfortable clothing. This is not a rule, this is a piece of significant advice. This is because if you dress in blingy or bulky clothing for your flight in an economy class, it is going to make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy the entire time. Wearing bulky clothing with embellishments, heavy clothing or jewelry can turn out to be a nightmare for you because seats are closely installed here. Therefore, you need something that will make you feel at ease for the entire flight. Do not dress to impress, instead, dress in comfy clothes like your PJs and oversized jumpers and jackets. Carry a scarf and have layers on your body if you want to look stylish.


Stock up on entertainment

The best way to survive in an economy seat is to stock up on your personal entertainment. As mediocre as it looks, the economy class does not offer a lot of perks and services. Therefore, you need to stock up on your own entertainment gateways. Make sure you carry your earphones, songs collection, books or comics-whatever you like. This is imperative because sometimes inflight entertainment systems aren’t exactly the most entertaining. They offer boring shows and you might have to cling to sleeping for the entire time. This can turn out to be the worst experience of your life. Moreover, if you don’t want to talk to your nosy neighbors, then self-entertainment is the best option. Pick yourself a book, sip your coffee and have a great me-time.


Do not forget your travel pillow

A travel pillow is anyway the best accessory that you need to carry for your economy flight. If you do not carry a travel pillow, you are going to torture your neck badly in the economy seat. Since the seats are closely installed, there is anyhow a lot of discomforts. So, this travel pillow aids you in feeling comfortable and giving rest to your neck. You must sit upright in your seat and give support to your neck in these closely-knitted seats. If you suffer from lower back pain, you may want to consider a lumbar cushion for your back too. This will definitely be a big help for surviving in the economy seat.

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