How to smartly pack your shoes and boots?

Packing seems to be a difficult task for some and not for others. Some may find it boring but some get really excited about it especially when going on a vacation. But a thing that creates trouble for everyone when packing your stuff is how to pack your shoes and boots strategically. Try to keep lightweight travel boots instead of the heavy bulky ones so that it doesn’t take up space of your clothes.

Keep your footwear and choose the type of shoes and boots according to your trip. Pick different styles by keeping in mind where you are heading to like to a beach or a hilly area or a city. It also depends on the duration of your trip. Below we have given some tips to efficiently use your space when packing your footwear-


Narrow down your number

Try picking the least amount of shoes and boots you can. Choose neutral colors like white, black, grey that go with the maximum of your outfits. Select a shoe as per different categories such as formal, ethnic, athletic, etc. Other factors on which your shoe count may depend are the type of place and what things are you planning to do on your trip. Like, you can’t pick your heels for sure, if you are going on a trek. That would be the most illogical thing one could ever do.
Just go for a pair of shoes and sandals if you are heading out on a trip to a beach but you may need a range of options if you are going to Paris and that too in October.


Wear your bulkiest pair

If your ultimate goal is to pack efficiently, then this is the perfect tip for you. Wear the bulkiest pair you want to carry along with you during your flight like those heavy hiking shoes or knee-high boots.
If you don’t have enough space in your bag, then look out for shoes that are lightweight and are made of blendable materials like rubber or nylon. Isn’t it a smart idea? Of course, it is. Another one can be to put your shoe spikes or crampons in your checked bag rather than to carry them on.


Keep it clean and Bag’em

Make sure to keep your clothes away from dirty shoes so that it doesn’t spoil your mood when you reach your destination. Remove dirt from your shoes before you pack them and keep them in a separate reusable bag. Even if you add a fresh pair of shoes and you don’t feel the need to put them separately, still carry shoe bags along with you. Try to keep the water-resistant ones as they can be handy when your shoes get dirty after that heavy downpour or trekking. But you need not worry if you don’t have them, as you can use a plastic bag or shower cap from your hotel room, they can be a very good alternative.


Layer them and Stuff in Every Corner

Just because your shoes come in pairs, it doesn’t become mandatory for you to pack them likewise. Layer your packing according to different items like making a separate layer for clothes, another for shoes and another one for your gadgets. It will be easier for you to find everything by not creating a mess. If you are carrying a heavy pair of shoes then try adding them at the bottom, so that your stuff doesn’t pop out.
Having a new and fresh pair of shoes! You can use this out of the box idea which will help you in using every nook and corner of your suitcase. Pack your belts, chargers, socks, adapters, makeup, and other smaller items in your footwear. It will help in maintaining the shape of your shoe as well.

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