How To Make The Most Of Las Vegas On A Budget – A Comprehensive Guide

Las Vegas, notorious for its pubs, clubs, and casinos. Las Vegas is, stereotypically speaking, the place where rich people spend all of their money. Las Vegas is one of the most profiting tourist destinations in the United States of America. Las Vegas has had 42.9 million tourists in 2016, who spent a whopping total of 35.5 billion dollars.

You do not need to be a genius to guess how the state would have made that much money; so you can be sure that Las Vegas is not really a cheap place to be at. But how can one enjoy Las Vegas, without having to sell their kidneys to pay for the bills there?

Fear not for that is the sole purpose of this article. This article seeks to guide tourists on how to save money and yet squeeze out the most that Las Vegas has to offer. Las Vegas is developing and growing each year due to the smart ‘Merchants of Las Vegas’.

It is the prime time that tourists also become smarter. (This article will not discuss regarding boarding but rather where to visit in Las Vegas without spending through the nose.)

1.  ‘Free’ mont Street

The best thing at Las Vegas, other than the pubs, hotels, and casinos, is the Freemont Street Experience. It is always ‘Party Central’ at Freemont Street. One can join in on the dance parade, see street acts, enjoy free light shows and free concerts only at Freemont Street.
It is the heart of Las Vegas, both literally and figuratively, as it is home to some of Las Vegas’ oldest hotels and casinos. So, one can take the memory walk along Freemont Street.

2. The Hotels of Las Vegas
The Hotels of Las Vegas, from Caesars Palace to the Mirage to the Bellagio are all really expensive to stay at. But who said anything about having to pay for taking a look at them? The Hotels of Las Vegas are attractions themselves. They have been movie shooting spots and are amazing architectural works. The city-themed hotels like New York and Paris Paris serve as amazing attractions and ideal backgrounds for photo sessions.

3. Eating ‘In’
Whenever you are at Las Vegas, always go for the buffets. It is best if one goes between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner times. That is when one gets lunch at the cost of breakfast, and dinner at the cost of lunch. This is a handy trick, especially if one is traveling in groups.

4. Travel a la Deuce

The Deuce is a double-decker bus. It is cheaper to travel by the Deuce; even more cheap than Uber, apparently. Plus it’s a fun attraction for young children!

5. Do not visit during the holiday season
The holiday season and conference times are when prices usually rise up in Las Vegas. It is best to travel to Las Vegas during ‘ off’ season so that one can make the most of Las Vegas at lower costs.

6. Get show tickets at half the price
Las Vegas is very famous for its wide array of shows and attractions. One can easily get show tickets at discounts from Tix4Tonight. From the North to the South of the Las Vegas Strip, one can easily find Tix4Tonight outlets at major landmarks, like North Premium Outlet Mall, Planet Hollywood, Casino Royale, Giant Coke Bottle, Hawaiian Market, etc. The Tix4Tonight outlets open at 10 A.M and one can easily imagine a queue lined up, so try to get there as early as possible before the best deals run out!

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