Follow these tips when you visit Germany

There are certain norms and rules to follow whenever you visit any country. People of different places have distinct natures and cultures, so on the basis of it, you need to care about certain things. You would definitely don’t want to offend the locals whenever you visit a new place. The same goes when you visit Germany. So do take care of all these things we are mentioning below to have a memorable trip.

Do not make noise

Noise is everywhere, in every corner and obvio in Germany too. But there are fixed office hours in the country when it is considered socially acceptable to make noise. You will get yourself in trouble if you start using an electric drill or mow the lawn or invite a band to practice between 10 pm and 7 am. It is also not considered okay if you do it around lunchtime or on Sundays and public holidays. The place offers you just one exception. Children can make any kind of noise and it is “socially acceptable”.

Do not Phone late in the evening

The time after 8 is considered as a time of having your supper on your sofa while watching television. So if you plan on having a phone call after 8 pm, it would be considered as a disturbance. They cannot afford to ruin their beautifully choreographed evening routine. Probably the worse time to have a phone call is on Saturdays between 6 and 7 pm. This is a time designated, especially to German sports news. The same goes for the time between 8:15 and 9:45 pm on Sundays when they watch a Tatort crime drama. But this does not go with lively comments on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp as they acceptable at any hour of the day.

Norm about asking how someone is

There is no culture of having small trivial talk in Germany. Germans like talking straight to the point. It might sound very odd as it is very common to ask about a person’s state of health in the United States as a polite gesture, but the same does not go for Germany. And if you do ask them, then get ready to know about all their problems regarding their children, or the about the worldly stuff in general. Take out enough time for a simple question ” How are you?”

Do not cross the road when the light’s red

Do not cross the road even if there are no cars insight when the signal is red. It does not matter how long it takes but you can’t cross the red especially if there are children nearby with their parents. They will surely get offended as it will set out a bad example for their children. And even if you do, you will get into trouble as there is always a self-appointed law enforcer standing at the traffic light that will point you out strictly.

Be punctual

Germans are very punctual. In fact, they are always five minutes ahead of the usual time. So you have to keep this in mind when you are visiting the country. Appointments, deadlines, timetables are something that Germans swear by. It is considered as a breach of contract of you are being late here. A very good excuse can surely save you but not otherwise. You can let them know in advance in case you know you will catch any trouble.

Don’t make a spontaneous visit

You cannot afford to go to someone’s house without informing them unless something urgent or severe has happened. They like themselves to be prepared both physically and mentally before they do anything. If you inform them prior, they will positively prepare everything with a tidy home and required supplies. Surely not one of those who like surprises.

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