Follow these safety tips if you are a solo female traveler

Everyone person in his lifetime dreams of going on a solo trip at least once. It is the perfect way to reconnect and to know more about yourself. You feel free, comfortable and get a chance to be in your true skin when traveling lone. You need not be worried about your companion’s choice of visiting places and doing certain kinds of activities. It just about you and only you.
But safety becomes a major concern especially when it comes to female travelers. So we have given some essential tips for you to keep in our mind while planning a solo trip and make it a memorable one-


Do your Research Thoroughly

Know before you Go! It is also another way to enjoy the trip before you reach your destination. Search everything about the place where you are heading to. Like what are the best accommodations at that place? Which neighborhood would be the safest to stay? What areas should you avoid going to?
How should you commute when at that place? Will taking taxis would be safe there? What different kinds of people live there?
Learn some basic language of the place so that you can communicate with them to fulfill your basic requirements like if you need any directions or you want some kind of help. Check reviews of hotels and places you are planning to stay and visit. Also, see if any special events or festivals are going to happen during your visit.
In short, know maximum about the place you can, before your trip begins. Prepare yourself smartly.


Use technology to its full advantage

You can do this by sharing your location with your loved ones. If you don’t like the idea, then probably keep updating your locations on your social networking profiles. Keep your people updated about your current location. Share your itinerary with your family and friends in advance. Keep a copy of your important documents (like your passport/ID and insurance card) in your cloud in case your physical copies get lost. Keep some secret cash in case of any emergency.


Drink to Enjoy, Not To Get Drunk

I would say if you can go without having alcohol, then don’t have it. It is the easiest way to make yourself vulnerable and put yourself in trouble because you can’t trust strangers.
But if you want to have some for enjoyment, make sure you take it in moderation. Be careful with what you are drinking and the amount you are having. Be aware, attentive and in your senses.
If you feel unsafe and get suspicious, then inform someone like the bartender. He will be the perfect person to help you out in a bar or a nightclub as he is familiar with all kinds of people out there.


Travel during the day when possible

If you are planning for a long trip, try to make all the travel part you do during the daytime, It is during the nighttime we hear about most of the incidents. At least make sure that you reach your destination in daylight hours. When you travel at night, choose a reliable mode of transport. For example, if you are traveling by train, look for a cabin or coupe that can be locked from inside.
Dress like a local
One of the easiest ways to blend in with the local people is to dress like them. It helps you to avoid getting touristy attention.
Just in case, you are visiting a place where women dress conservatively, you should also practice the same during your stay. By doing so, you won’t be able to draw extra attention and be a vulnerable target.

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