Festivals Around The World Worth Experiencing

As travelers, we always plan trips to the most renowned destinations that have a peculiar beauty. The scenic beauty, splendid views, culture, and diversity attracts the passionate traveler within us. Every country or town we travel to is not made of sightseeing spots and beauty alone; it is a blend of their tradition and cultural values. Each one of them embraces a story within itself and showcases it to a world. Such cultural events and festivals account for one of the best experiences ever! If you happen to plan a trip any sooner, look for the traditional cultural events that might be going on at that point in time. You got to trust us on this because you will encounter the most wonderful experience of your life and thank us later!

We’ve listed some of the best festivals that take place around the world time and again. Visiting these festivals is totally worth your time and money. Read on and plan your next trip right away!


La Tomatina, Spain

One of the most happening and popular festivals of all time! You just cannot afford to miss out on this one if you’re traveling to Spain. La Tomatina is a food fight festival that takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year in the town of Bunol. This festival is most loved by localities and everybody around the world as well. It goes on for a week as a traditional festival for the residents of Bunol. It involves a lot of fun dancing, loud music, fancy parades, and fireworks. La Tomatina is said to be the biggest tomato fight in the world and is the most thrilling event ever. A lot of people especially plan their trip around this time to visit this festival.


Rio Carnival, Brazil

This one takes place in the month of February in the everlasting beauty of Brazil. This one accounts for the biggest carnival in the world as it experiences foot traffic of 2 million revelers per day! Yes, we are not even kidding, it is that popular! A typical Rio carnival is funfilled with so many activities taking place in every corner of every street. The crowd dresses up in various fun costumes and dances along the street. A parade also takes place on the streets of Rio De Janeiro along with ball parties at the Copacabana Palace. You can dress up in pretty outfits or weird costumes. Drink and dance the night away!


St. Patrick’s Festival, Ireland

A 5-day long festival, this one takes place in the town of Dublin in Ireland. St. Patrick’s festival is basically an Irish festival where the culture and tradition of these people are showcased. Their achievements are the highlight of this event and for that, parades, shows, faires are concocted. The city comes alive with so much buzz around. Thousands of people visit this beautiful festival every year and enjoy the thrilling show! You will get to witness some of the most amazing performances and Irish creations here so don’t give this one a miss! If you cannot visit Ireland, go to the NY city where this festival is celebrated every year too!


Mardi Gras, USA

Everyone who is fond of these festivals knows that Mardi Gras is hands down, the wildest festival in the United States. It is as crazy as you can ever think of it to be. Mardi Gras is called the Fat Tuesday in French and marks as the start of the Lent season leading up to Easter. Parades, carnivals, and traditions highlight this event the most! The parade of thousands of people passes through the neighborhood streets in a fun and frolic way. Everything is colorful on the street and exciting vibe prevails everywhere. You must plan your trip to this festival and have the time of your life in the exciting city of New Orleans.


Tomorrowland, Belgium

The biggest and most loved music festival ever!! Completely in contrast with the name, there is definitely no tomorrow in Tomorrowland. The night is young and wild that you are bound to wake up in hangover the next day! This is an electronic music festival which started in 2005 and has been the most happening one till date! It goes on for about two weekends and has foot traffic of more than 2,00,000 people per weekend. You must book your tickets in advance because this booking starts early for two years!! If you are the one to party all night in pubs, you will have the most enthralling experience of your life in Tomorrowland.

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