Facts you didn’t know about the Shanghai Tower

The enormous Shanghai tower is probably one of the most gorgeous structures in China. Famed for its architectural beauty and interiors, this one has always been the talk of the world. Skyling at a height of 1927.2, this one will give you a spectacular bird’s eye view. When everyone first entered its boundaries in 2016, it cast a spell of being the most gorgeous building in sight. If you do not visit this one, you will miss out on one of the most breathtaking structures ever. We have listed all the facts that you must know about this one. It will lure you like nothing and you will not be able to resist this one!


World’s highest observation deck

The ever famous Shanghai Tower is one of the most iconic structures ever. It is famed for being the World’s highest observation deck and the view is simply breathtaking. Those who love skyscraper buildings will love this one and will be stunned by the beauty it showcases. Standing tall in all its glory, the observation deck of Shanghai tower sits at an astonishing 121st floor. This view is not supposed to be missed if you are in China. The thing is that with a view like this, you would love to gaze at the bustling streets of China. You can spend a good amount of time here and enjoy the aerial view from 561.3 meters. You can gaze at the view of the enormous Huangpu river and also view the godly structure of Lujiazui.


The second tallest building in the world

Famed for being the second tallest building in the world. the Shanghai tower has been standing tall in aura at a height of 587.4 meters. This enormous beauty is even taller than Burj Khalifa if you look at the usable floors. Burj stands at 584.5 meters but this one has a usable floor value even more than that. So, it is taller in that context. If you look at this one from a distance, you will be stunned by its view. This iconic structure has always been a loved structure because the design of this tower is truly impressive with its glass facade. Click pictures in front of this gorgeous building and enjoy the gorgeous views.


Fastest elevators in the world

The most unique element of this building is this feature. With a lot of other impressive features, this one is probably the best. It boasts the fastest elevators in the world that take you at a speed of 74 kilometers per hour which is almost 46 mph. This speed will give you the adrenaline rush in your body and the impact will last for a much longer time. This feature has made this building stand out from the rest and has come out as a technologically equipped structure. With advanced technology and features, this architectural site is a must-visit. You will remember this one forever because it is one of the most recognized structures ever.


Sister towers

The Shanghai tower does not stand alone in its glory. It flaunts two more towers along that are probably the most beautiful structures ever spotted. Called the sister towers, the original plan from 1993 reveals that these three towers were supposed to be counted together and this Shanghai tower had to be one of the three tall towers. Located in the Lujiazui financial district on the east bank of the Huangpu River, these towers are truly the most fascinating site in China. If you want to admire manmade beauty, then this is your place to be. You cannot give this one a miss. These three towers together will give you the most amazing feeling of your trip. If you love iconic buildings, you should add this to your bucket list right away.


Foot space for 16000 visitors
Probably one of the highest numbers ever. This enormous building has the capacity to accommodate around 16000 guests inside its walls. If you come to think of it, that is a large number. And it’s not even like it will look crowded. The Shanghai Tower can comfortably accommodate as many as 1666 visitors and can make way for their delightful visit. It is as good as the population of a small state visiting this building. There are reasons as to why this one has been called an iconic structure. This one stands tall with so much wide space. You must visit with your friends and family for a great trip and look for this one as a full day trip. Explore each and every bit of it.

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