Fabulous things to do on Jeju Island

Situated off the coast of South Korea, Jeju Island is a destination that can surprise the visitors with its breathtaking landscapes, stunning sceneries, pristine turquoise water, and above all, a leisurely island pace. It’s a place that’s full of adventure and has so many fun and exciting elements to offer to every traveler which is why it is one of the most popular island destinations in the country that is visited by thousands and thousands of vacationers as well as honeymooners each year from all across the globe. The island also houses a few UNESCO world heritage sites along with stunning natural wonders, theme parks, museums, beaches, and much more.
Listed below are a few of the most popular adventures and attractions that you cannot miss out on experiencing and exploring in order to enjoy your stay on Jeju Island.


Walk through the lava tunnel of Manjanggul

Manjanggul cave, a UNESCO world heritage site, is one of the longest and finest lava tunnels in the world. You may have seen all sorts of cave, but this one just tops it all and provides an experience that’s worth remembering for life. If you want to see a naturally occurred spot that resulted due to the volcanic eruption and left behind a truly magnificent sight to look at, then this lava tunnel is just the right place for you. This whole incident goes back to years ago when the erupted volcano made its way through the inside of the ground and in the process; it left a huge trail behind in the form of the tunnel. The same can be confirmed by looking at the unique formation of the tube aka tunnel which is surrounded by stalactites and black stalagmites. Although the tunnel stretches at a length of 7 km but visitors are only allowed to cover a distance of 1 km which is plenty enough to take some stunning pictures of the lava tube.


Admire the beauty of Jeongbang falls

Jeju Island is home to bountiful stunning waterfalls, but Jeongbang falls just steal the limelight. Maybe it’s the beauty of the fall or how scenic the entire location looks that just mesmerizes everyone, either way, it’s one of those spots on Jeju Island that needs to be seen and explored in person. The waterfall is situated on the south coast of the island which cascades from the top of the mountains and falls directly into the ocean. It’s a great way to spend your day on the island by the ocean and admire the beauty of the gorgeous view surrounding the waterfall. Also, it’s very easy to reach the waterfall but you may struggle a bit while going back as it requires you to climb the stairs.


Explore the Jeju folk village

Have you ever visited an open-museum? If not, then Jeju Island gives you a chance to take a sneak peek into its traditional life. It gives you an opportunity to learn how the Koreans spent their lives back in the 19th century and how fishing and agriculture was their means of food and resources. Featuring more than 100 traditional houses and 8000 folk artifacts, this cultural village is the means of educating the tourist about the traditional lifestyle of Koreans. The houses in the village are also well constructed that are made using stones and covered with grassy rooftops featuring some classic furniture and tools on the inside.


Hike Mount Hallasan

Mount Hallasan is another UNESCO world heritage site that can be found on the Land of Jeju Island and it is also the highest mountain in South Korea which is very well recognized for hiking. For all the nature and adventure enthusiasts, hiking up to Mount Hallasan is possibly the best way to make the most of your trip. There are a total of 7 trails to reach the summit that varies in length. If your body allows and you manage to reach the spot early then you can complete the hike in just a day including both up and down journey. The area features a huge variety of plant and animal species which makes hiking a lot more fun and scenic. However, do check the weather forecast before planning your visit and always dress up appropriately as it can get windy at times.

Seogwipo submarine

If you want to explore the marine life of Jeju Island without actually getting wet, then riding in the Seogwipo submarine is possibly your safest bet. This is a great alternative for all those people who don’t want to scuba dive in the chilling water of the island. The submarine takes you deep under the water up to a depth of 45 meters where you get to explore the fascinating marine life of the island. You just have to be seated and look out from the window to discover life under the water.

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