Explore the stupendous beauty of Bangkok

What began as a small trading center 200 years ago has turned into a grand travel destination in the present era. This capital city of Thailand is a renowned destination today for all the good reasons. It is a large and busy city in Thailand with the most lively streets and atmosphere. The food here is amazing, the people are incredible and the places are filled with modern and traditional structures. This is known to be the most happening place in Thailand, thanks to the nightlife and party clubs. Bangkok is also the hottest city in the world! So, be ready to shun your clothes and get into your summer lingerie once you step on this land. The wildness and vibrancy of this place will outclass any other city in the world, you bet!

While you are in Bangkok, we have a list of places that are a must-visit because every place has an intriguing story to tell. Be it the spectacular palaces or funky street markets, floating market or gorgeous temples, visit everything and explore the beauty of Bangkok!


The funky Floating Market

This floating market is not just famous in Bangkok but in the entire world. It is the most beautiful and distinct market place to have ever existed. If you visit this one, give your feet a rest and get on the boat. Yes, you explore this market floating all the way! Dozens of wooden boats row right in the middle of this authentic marketplace and you get to see all the shops. There are tons of shops selling farm-fresh fruits and vegetables which you can taste and buy. This is one of the most visited and loved markets ever. Whenever you go to Thailand, this is the first place you should visit!


The Sacred Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw

Standing intact since 1782, The Grand Palace showcases the most picturesque beauty. It is sacred ground and you must visit it to admire the beautiful views. This palace has been home to Thai kings for more than 150 years and now it has opened its doors to the public for tours and sightseeing. You can explore this spectacular palace on the inside and gaze in awe at the intricate architectural work. The Wat Prakeaw enshrines are another highlight of this holy place. The images of The sacred Buddha and Phra Kaew Morakot have been engraved from a single emerald, which is just unbelievable!


The serene Wat Arun

The city of Bangkok is home to some really dazzling temples in the world. If you take a tour of all of them, you will forget everything else that you have ever seen before. There are chances that you might feel weak in the knees admiring the beauty of this one. Wat Arun is The Temple of Dawn and is one of the most impressive silhouettes in Southeast Asia. It is recognized for its beauty since the 19th century. Towering spires of this temple are such beautiful ornaments in view that it just takes your breath away. If you love exploring such historic structures, then visit this one for the perfect sight of tradition and modernism.


The tranquil Lumphini Park

Covering a stretch of 2.5 kilometers, Lumphini Park is a vast place. It has a lot of visitors on a daily basis who come to explore the various things this park has to offer. If you are looking for peace and tranquility with a dash of fun, you must visit this one. The Lumphini Park features a number of aerobic classes along with jogging and cycling. You can spend a good picnic time with your family here. It also rents you paddle boats so that you can row your way through the little lake. Another highlight is that this park also hosts concerts which are the best ones in Bangkok. This massive place is just too big to be explored in one single visit, so while you are at it, enjoy the lush greenery, click some pictures and relax in peace.


The happening Chinatown

Talking of Bangkok and not mentioning Chinatown is definitely not happening. This is one of the most lively towns in Bangkok and you will lose your heart here for sure! A fun-packed area that it is, you will get to spot the highest number of gold shops here. During festivities, this town lights up and the streets become lively and glowy. There are a lot of activities, events and party places that take place in Chinatown. They are definitely going to take their toll on you. Try and plan your trip around the Chinese New Year because that’s when you will get a full view of traditional and authentic Thailand.

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